The Anime Everyman Is Not A Real Everyman


You know why most male teenage protagonists suck balls? Because when the creators attempt to make them relatable, they end up making them not relatable in the slightest.

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This Summer Show Selection Better Not Suck Later On


So I’m watching around seven shows this season. That may not seem like much to some people, but by my standards, that’s plenty. Continue reading

Akame ga Kill: Episode 4 – I’m So Hardcore!

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It took me an hour or so to finish this episode. Every time I tried to watch it, my mind wandered off and I wanted to do something else. Cook food. Call a friend. Watch a movie. Watch something else other than this. The options were endless. And yet I forced myself to finish the episode after a while. Continue reading

Sword Art Online II: Episode 4 – You Will Fall In Love With Me

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 8.14.53 PM

It is your destiny to suck my my cock, Sinon. Oh wait, I’m a girl now. But wait, I don’t have boobs, so I’m not actually a girl! Still, you can never compensate too much. Let me just buy this big black dildo lightsaber here and then we’ll get straight to the adventure. And by adventure, I mean…

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The Barrier Between Reality and Fiction

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These guys break it all the time.

Frog’s been writing some stuff regarding how just because he likes to ogle 2D girls doesn’t mean he’s a sexist pig. Whilst I’ve never truly thought he was as much of a slimeball in real life as he is on the Internet, I think he’s overthinking things in regards to something that’s been around long before anime was really a thing. Continue reading