Fall 2014 Judgments Before I Even Sample Anything

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People usually start posting their season previews around this time. I’ve officially retired from making them. But what the hell? I’ll at least join in partway and throw in some quick pre-judgments regarding what I’m interested in checking out next season.

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Preparing For My Return Trip To The City of Sin

Whilst anime fans are still waiting for more Shaft-adapted Nisio Isin anthology stories concerning young girl fetishism and deep moral quandaries to get subbed and released, I’m anticipating in three or so days to see Rodriguez-adapted anthology stories written by a guy with a fetish for machoism and prostitutes on my screen.

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Mr. Flaw Watches Akame ga Kill (Episode 7)

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Ah, Sunday. The day when the best and the worst anime of the season (that I’m watching) come out on the same day. Continue reading

Terror in Resonance: Episode 6 – Code Geass As A Serious Procedural Drama

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Okay, Death Note is probably a better comparison, but it didn’t have chess and main characters who are actually not as bad as they seem, so the show I’m more familiar with wins. No, I don’t care if Aldnoah Zero is the anime with the most in common with Geass this season.

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