Looking At The Abandoned Shows #3

Summer is wrapping up. Let’s look at the finales for some of the shows I never bothered watching the entire way through and see if they motivated me to go back and wade through the buildup needed to understand how we got there (spoilers: they did not).

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Essential Anime A Newbie Should Watch


I’ve seen some anime folks over the years debate about what products they should use to get people into the whole hobby. After being asked this question myself and some thinking on the subject, I compiled a nice little list of stuff I’d introduce to a newcomer in order for them to get a feel for anime, along with some short reasons why.

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Akame ga Kill: Episode 11 — Dr. Doom Dies, Nobody Cares, And Another Episode Is Wasted


(EditI modified the format/spacing of this post a bit because it was coming off as too cluttered. If you have any strong opinions on said format change, say so in the comments section)

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