Anime Roundup — March 2017

Loads of anticlimaxes in the finales this season.


10. Chaos;Child

Chaos;Child was always a bad show to begin with, but I wasn’t really in the “worst thing ever” camp that I know some people were. However, things changed this month when it introduced the plot. And by god it was fucking awful. I know a lot of people didn’t even bother with this show due to the whole “fool me once” thing, but I didn’t think they would make the exact same mistakes with a different studio almost ten years after the first atrocityJust goes to show that the Chaos sub-series is more cursed than Fantastic Four.

9. Fuuka

So after all that time spent on developing Koyuki’s feelings for him, suddenly Yu gets together with that girl who he barely interacted with after Episode 4? Yawn.

8. Hand Shakers

Ignoring its shitty production for a moment, I realized when watching the idol girl in Hand Shakers that the show did have more aspirations than previous Go Hands’ entries, but because of the writing quality of the studio, it couldn’t carry them out to save its life. I kept getting lost regarding the characters’ motivations because it was always getting delivered in overly fetish-istic ways or with so much jargon that it made Dark Myth look…actually no, Dark Myth is still awful. Bottom-line, sometimes I got distracted from my boredom due to the weirdness, but otherwise Hand Shakers is a truly awful show that rips off much better shows with no idea how to carry out its ideas, and in no way do I recommend it.

7. Seiren

Boring. Next.

6. Rewrite S2

Plot twist! It turns out that this flashback to Kotarou’s time as a soldier actually takes place after all the bullshit that came before. Well actually, that might not be a plot twist and I just missed when they clarified that, but it doesn’t change the fact that whether or not said twist actually exists, there’s plenty of problems to pick on in regards to the final arc. 1) Why didn’t the show just start here? 2) What was the point of all the preceding routes given how none of the girls besides Kagari were plot-important in any way? 3) Why was your environmental message so badly delivered? You know, besides the obvious reasons.

5. ACCA: The 13th District

So after sitting through eleven episodes of boring buildup, you start the main conflict and resolve it all in the span of five minutes before making us sit through a tortuously long Return of the Kings-style ending dedicated to closing character arcs that either never existed in the first place or had too little progression to have much impact? And you still haven’t told me what the fuck ACCA does and why it’s beneficial to the people? Fuck off Madhouse! This show was like watching a bunch of deleted scenes that were spliced together when the original footage got lost!

4. Masamune-kun no Revenge

I knew things were not going to end well when the new fat kid posing as Masamune was introduced, but I never expected it to get no resolution whatsoever. Seriously, instead of addressing that new elephant in the room, you have the characters do karaoke and make Masamune more determined to get his revenge? After that kiss? C’mon!

3. Akiba’s Trip: The Animation

For what it’s worth, I don’t mind watching this show so I can talk to my friends about the dumb shit that happens in it like the Yu-Gi-Oh episode and how the red-haired girl apparently has a twin sister. It’s not funny, it’s poorly animated, and it’s not putting enough imagination into its scenarios, but it’s also the only show that all my anime friends watch this season (besides Konosuba and Dragon Maid I mean) and for a good reason. Because Akiba’s Trip gets them. It doesn’t get them very well, but it gets them nevertheless.

2. Onihei

Pretty much up here by default. Incidentally, I’m not reviewing Onihei because…well…what do you want me to say about this show?

(giant gap)

1. Scum’s Wish

To say I was pleasantly surprised with Scum’s Wish would be a bit of an understatement. I mean let’s face it, it’s very easy to fuck up what the show is going for what with its’ messy love polygons, usage of sex in the narrative, and its cast of characters mostly being made up of selfish people. It’d be so easy to make this an exploitative mess on the same level as School Days and Yosuga no Sora, and yet it pulled through to deliver one of the best romance anime I’ve seen in a while. As an animation fan, as well as a sucker for good romance stories with flawed characters, harsh compromises, and endings where the main couple don’t end up together (that finale really hit my sentimental side), I can definitely say that the rest of 2017 will be hard-pressed to top the experience I got with this show.

Minor Quips

  • So we’re starting off the Spring anime season with sequels to well-produced shonen action shows tomorrow, huh? Not the worst start if I say so myself.
  • Also, have you seen all the upcoming movies coming out this year? Jesus Christ.

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