Let’s Watch — Tsuki ga Kirei: Episode 4

Bring on the feels.

Yeah, I understand this would probably work better in video format, but unless it’s your full-time job, I don’t see how anyone has the time necessary to be a Youtuber. And I know there’s an audience out there for written reactions, so I figured I’d try my hand at it too considering I’ve gotten tired of my usual anime-writing format, especially when it comes to current shows. So with that said, Let’s Watch is pretty much what you think it is: a bunch of written reactions masquerading as episodic blogging regarding what I just watched. And I’m starting off with Tsuki ga Kirei because I think it’s an interesting show to talk about.

Quick catch-up since I’m starting on the most recent episode and never wrote about the other three, I thought the first episode was basically a lower-quality Hourou Musuko, the second episode was a little dull due to it feeling like obvious setup, and the third episode to be pretty decent even before the confession happened. I’ve read complaints that the show is too nice for some people, but I think that’s just folks not seeing the forest for the trees. Or the surprising aversion to young love stories that lot of anime folks seem to have. Yeah, Tsuki ga Kirei isn’t exactly Scum’s Wish in terms of high-quality romance, but on its own, I think it does an okay job at showcasing teenage insecurities in a way that slightly goes beyond “well this exists”. It is a bit of a pity that it came out so close to all the other well-animated, heavy-hitting, and quite frankly higher-quality romance anime like Your Name and such, but let’s ignore all that “bad by comparison” crap and just focus on the show as its own thing.

The last episode ended with the male lead confessing to the female lead. Let’s see where it goes from here.


  • Ah, the calming shots. Got to soak in that atmosphere of awkward CG backgrounds and people so that we aren’t overloaded by cuteness when we see the main characters exchange glances at each other, right?
  • Of course Akane wasn’t going to say “yes” to the dude. After all, we’ve still got two more months of this shit to go, and the romantic rivals haven’t even made much of a move yet.
  • Got to say, while the awkwardness is cute considering they’re kids and all, there comes a point when it wears out its welcome. And if the entire show continues on with it, said expiration date is going to arrive very soon.
  • So the context of the opening scene is that the entire third year is going on a school field trip, although I’m not exactly sure where. But it’s a romance anime, so a field trip obviously means boys trying to sneak into girls’ rooms, pillow fights, and romantic moments at foreign locations.
  • LOL, they actually confiscated porn in this show? Low-grade porn too by the looks of it, but these are middle-schoolers, so I won’t give ’em too much flak for it.
  • I will say though, I personally think it’s horseshit that you can’t bring your cell phone with you to a field trip. How exactly are people going to take photos of the sites they’ll see? Bring an actual camera?
  • What the fuck? Oh my god, that’s on the level of a girl avoiding getting pinched on Saint Patrick’s Day by saying her panties are green and you have no choice but to believe her unless you want to risk a lawsuit. Not that I have any personal experience in that, of course.

Random Boy A: She hid it in her panties? Oh man that’s hot. Let’s steal her phone and rub it all over our naked crotches, guys.

Random Boy B: Uh, what if you cum on her phone?

Random Boy A: Oh that’s…I did not take that into account. Never mind!

  • We arrive at the location, which turns out to be Kyoto, and are treated to a bunch of scenes consisting of the characters taking in the sites, along with Kotaro and Akane continuing to be awkward around each other while Chinatsu – Akane’s cheerful best friend who also finds Kotaro interesting – strikes up a conversation with him. This predictably makes Akane jealous.

Akane (inside her head): How dare you talk to my best friend better than I do. I’m going to sneak into your room in the middle of the night and make babies with you!

Kotaro (inside his head): Uh, why do I feel like someone is raping me in my mind?

Random Mind-Reading Pedophile (inside his head): Oh shit, the kid is on to me. Got to run!

  • Geez, these CG background people look terrible. It’s like the cast of Ajin wandered onto the set for Wandering Son.
  • Fanservice!
  • We get a scene of Akane being asked if she likes someone, with the classic response of hinting that she is to her friends without confirming it. Then a bunch of boys sneak into their room and we never see the result of that, because it cuts to another scene where due to his friends being jackasses, Kotaro ends up getting his phone confiscated just as he offered an invitation from Akane to meet her in front a department store.
  • Okay yeah, I can see where this is going. *Sigh*. I really don’t like this sort of cliche. But who knows? Maybe Tsuki ga Kirei will do something unique with it?
  • Akane gets a bit agitated when Kotaro doesn’t text her back, and Kotaro is too awkward to talk to Akane when her friends are around and his friends are right behind him. Fair enough, but that’s not going to make the drama surrounding this series of unfortunate events any less cringe-worthy.
  • Well at least they both know where to meet. Good, at least we got that information imparted before the cell phone was…

  • Aw, fuck. Rain?! Really?

God: Sorry Kyoto, but I’ve been holding in this massive leak all day. My wife nearly caught me and that bastard she’s having an affair with making out in the kitchen, and I had to hide in the pantry while she raged about how she lost half her month’s pay at the casino.

  • Oh, and Akane just happened to go looking for Kotaro shortly before he reached the rendezvous point (why exactly was he running anyways? What was he doing beforehand?). And the two end up missing each other before Kotaro sees Chinatsu and my mind is already a bit too aggravated to think clearly.
  • Seriously, how exactly is Kotaro getting closer with Chinatsu than with Akane, the girl he confessed to, through no effort of his own? It’s like the immature version of the main love triangle from 5 Centimeters Per Second.
  • And she’s jealous when they finally meet. Come on. What exactly was he supposed to do?

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 8.36.42 PM

Akane: How dare you meet with my friend who I know you get along with in order to meet me? Clearly that means you like her more than you like me.

Kotaro: Wouldn’t the fact that I called you on her phone mean that I wanted to hang out more with you than her?

Akane: Shut up and start making babies with me right now!

Kotaro: Wait, what?

Me: Well I guess that’s a little bit of a unique twist on this terrible formula.

  • *Sigh*. I guess that’s alright for what the show is going for.
  • The end. And no, I’m not going to bother highlighting the skits at the end.


So what’s my judgment on Episode 4 of Tsuki ga Kirei you may ask? Honestly, I thought it was a step down from the last one. It’s not the worst usage of “drama caused by contrived misunderstanding” I’ve seen or anything, but it’s still frustrating to see Akane be down on Kotaro for something that was completely out of his hands, even if she sort of brushed it aside with a vague answer. I know that there’s still two more months of this show to go, and that Chinatsu along with that track team captain are going to complicate matters, but that just goes to show how ill-suited Tsuki ga Kirei is to a one-cour length if it can’t fill in that time with more than calming romantic moments between two shy people who learn to be more open due to their interactions.

Not that I’ve stopped enjoying Tsuki ga Kirei or anything, but I’ve been watching anime long enough to know warning bells when I see them. And if this show isn’t careful, it could end up joining One Week Friends or Orange in terms of nice-looking romances that fizzle out as time goes on.

2 responses to “Let’s Watch — Tsuki ga Kirei: Episode 4

  1. I’m still really liking Tsuki ga Kirei in general, but this was probably my least favourite episode so far. Not because the drama didn’t feel realistic, but just because all the other episodes have managed to feel surprisingly… well, un-anime I guess, whereas this one felt like it brought absolutely nothing fresh to the table.

    • The problem with being un-anime, especially in this day and age, is that it’s very hard to grab the intended audience on just good storytelling alone, and it doesn’t help that using familiar aspects to ease them into the story is a valid method of telling said story. Which of course, most creators take way too far.

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