Let’s Watch — Re: Creators Episode 5

Machines really complicate things, don’t they?

Last week on Re: Creators, we saw Meteora come to terms with her own existence, discover that some of the other characters (more specifically Alicetaria) don’t quite share her viewpoint, and that we now have a character from a mecha anime thrown into the mix. We’ve also had a lot more lore thrown into the mix regarding the physics of how anime characters can exist in reality, but there hasn’t really been much progress in terms of plot. I’m really hoping this show picks up in the latter soon, because I’m pretty sure we’re running dry in regards to the amount of conversations you can have between creators and their creations before the demand for something to actually come of it occurs. And I have to be honest, so far I don’t think Re: Creators is a great show. It’s interesting. It’s decently produced. Its characters have started to become more emotionally open over time. But story-wise, it’s still kind of lacking, with very few visual metaphors and too many interactions that exist for their own sake.

Will the fifth episode fix that issue? Let’s find out.


  • Opening up with the story of how Rui entered the real world. Basically similar to how Celestia did it, except he actually brought the mecha with him, and it somehow managed to come out of that small TV. Thank god the dude made the decision to bring the TV out of his house, because otherwise…
  • Wow, I knew Rui was voiced by a female some weeks ago, but I didn’t think he would sound so feminine in addition to looking feminine to boot. If it wasn’t for his own creator insisting he’s male, I would have fallen for the trap easily.
  • We get some more talking as the characters try to have Rui adjust to his change in setting, and we also learn that the dude was written so he’d get defensive really easily. Which as his creator learns the hard way, is kind of annoying when you have to deal with that personality in real life, especially when you’re trying to convince him to join your side.
  • Okay one of you guys mentioned this in the last Let’s Watch and I have to agree: how the fuck is Rui the most popular character of whatever mecha show he’s from? Last I checked, with the exception of maybe Code Geass, the lead characters from this genre are never the ones that fans tend to flock towards when it comes to popularity polls. Usually it’s some side character or maybe even the seven or so love interests, but it’s definitely never a Renton or a Simon. Without looking it up, how many of you guys even know what the name of the lead character from Mobile Suit Gundam actually is?

  • Then again, most of those male protagonists tend to be normal dudes that are hard to relate to due to their instant control of whatever mecha they’re dropped into. Rui is…well…he’s bratty and hot-blooded like most lead mecha protags, but in a manner where he’s capable of standing up for himself. And while that’s annoying when he’s interacting with reality, I can see why it’d be considered charming in his show since he at least knows what he wants, even though he doesn’t express that in the most mature manner.
  • Bwahahahahahahaha! OWNED! While Re: Creators in no way has comedy as its main genre, whenever it pulls out a joke, I really laugh hard at it. This show just has really good timing in regards to pulling the wool over my eyes.
  • While it’s nice to see the characters acknowledging that they don’t really know what to do from here on out, I’m hoping the actual story does in time…

  • …holy shit, the military is here. So I’m guessing we’re going Bokurano in terms of military meets anime in this show. I did think it was weird that the characters had been able to slip by the more serious authorities in Japan so far despite the collateral damage they have caused in previous episodes that was obviously noticed by civilians, but I guess said damage has eventually caught up to them.
  • Wow, Rui kicks ass outside the mecha too, huh? To the small percentage of mecha fans who read my blog and watch this show, is Rui based on any one mecha franchise in particular? Or is he an amalgamation of all the different types?
  • And he can control his mecha when he’s not in it as well. Okay, I can see how this guy is liked by the general audience a little more.
  • Yeah there’s really no contest when you bring a mecha against the Japanese military. I have never seen them lose against anything other than other mechas and giant monsters, none of which the real life SDF actually have.
  • Leave it to Meteora to get things done in this show. Welp, looks like it’s time for these anime characters and their authors to negotiate with the military now.

  • Hahahaha. Oh man, Meteora’s face when confronted about her poor handling of government property. Hahaha! And the scene just keeps going as this glasses lady lists the exact amount of costs. Hahaha!
  • Okay I’m just going to sum up the rest of the conversation so I can get this post out on time, in addition to not much happening in this episode besides these dry dialogue exchanges. Meteora requests that the military help them in regards to preventing the Great Destruction, these fictional characters are given legal citizenship, small friendships are made between the military lady and Meteora, and Marine still wants the female fictional characters to live with her.
  • Oh wow. The credits appeared already? I felt like we were only at the eleven-minute mark when they showed up.
  • By the way, I forgot to mention this, but Rui accidentally wrecked his creator’s house during that military attack, meaning he’s kinda homeless as of now. Sorry dude.
  • We also start seeing more hints that Sota might know the military princess, but I doubt that’s going to lead into anything soon…

  • …oh hello. Never mind! Too bad I can’t read what’s on the computer.
  • Alright, we’re finally getting some information regarding who the girl that committed suicide in the beginning is, and it should surprise no one that it’s that Setsuna Shimazaki person that the military princess briefly name-dropped in the third episode. From what I can gather since I can’t read Japanese, she is the actual creator of said military chick, and Sota knew her in the past. I think it’s also implied he was involved in her creation, but obviously not to the extent where he’ll remember said character until now. How dramatically convenient.
  • Also, it appears that said military princess’s origin is a pretty neat-looking, if low-budget online video. A pretty obscure one too, but somehow popular enough for said princess to exist in reality, assuming that theory holds water. Obviously an anime was never made for this character, hence why not many people seemed to recognize her. I’m honestly going to need to wait for the next episode before I start delving into theories though. Plus this post is getting long enough as is.
  • The end.


So let’s get one thing out of the way in regards to my feelings on this week’s Re: Creators: it felt super fast. I thought I was only at the half-way point when the credits started appearing, which is pretty unusual for an episode that was basically just another talkfest where not much happens. Seriously, the only thing that happened in this episode was Rui getting a proper introduction, the military getting involved, and the most important piece of information – the stuff revolving around the girl who killed herself at the start of the series and where the Military Princess character (whose real name was shown, but since it was shown in unsubtitled Japanese, I’m having trouble determining what it is, although Wikipedia says it’s Saber…which would be really fucking stupid if that was true) – showing up at the last minute. And yet for some reason, the episode flew by Aku no Hana-style. As such, there’s no way I can consider this week’s installment a failure.

On the other hand though, there’s no escaping the fact that it’s been five weeks and very little has actually happened plot-wise. As I’ve stated many times, the only reason I’m not down on Re: Creators the way I am with say Virgin Soul or Ei Aoki’s other anime is because the subject matter of the dialogue is actually appealing to me. But no matter how intriguing I find the physics of anime characters existing in what appears to be reality, when the creepy-looking sharktooth person in the schoolgirl outfit hasn’t shown up as of yet, I’m still going to call you out. No I don’t need floaty action, as that didn’t exactly help Fate/Zero when it showed up there. What I do need though is for Re: Creators to stop acting like most auteur-driven live-action television in the vein of Legion, Mr. Robot, and such in how they always put the most important revelations and plot elements at the beginning and end of the episode whilst filling the in-between with the director basically just showing off what he can do.

Yes Ei Aoki, I know you love dialogue. I know you love large amounts of lore. I know you have two cours to work with this shit. But you also have to remember that you’re telling a goddamn story, and an animated one at that. Since Re: Creators doesn’t really do anything special in terms of visuals other than looking nice for the most part, you have to rely more on story progression than usual to deliver a quality product. And after five episodes, I’m seeing a lot of potential story progression, but I’m still unsure whether you’ll actually deliver on it, and I’m also worried with the addition of online videos that you’re starting to bite off more than you can chew. I know I joked about how it’s funny that harem characters aren’t appearing in the real world given how popular they tend to be in this light novel-era, but I don’t expect this show to actually have that happen.

2 responses to “Let’s Watch — Re: Creators Episode 5

  1. I haven’t caught up to re creators yet, but that mecha boy reminds me of Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed: physically strong, great pilot, feminine-looking, and insane popularity despite being an annoying brat. Granted, Kira is not exactly hot-blooded, but most “Real” mecha protag aren’t. He seems to be a mix of different types. But mostly Sunrise mecha protagonist.

    Anyway, the show does look interesting now. I think I’ll try to catch up. I’m just disappointed that the characters seem to only come from generic-action LN and kid anime. I want to see someone from a slice-of-life or a less conventional show. Hell, have characters from a hentai and see what happened. I don’t think the show has exploited the full potential of its premise.

    • Anyway, the show does look interesting now. I think I’ll try to catch up. I’m just disappointed that the characters seem to only come from generic-action LN and kid anime.

      I think the type of source material where each character is from is different for the most part (Rui is anime-original, Meteora is NPC from video game, etc.) and when two characters come from a manga, it’s generally of a different genre. If anything, I find it weird that there are no characters from an actual LN in this (Celesia is from the anime version of her LN).

      I want to see someone from a slice-of-life or a less conventional show. Hell, have characters from a hentai and see what happened. I don’t think the show has exploited the full potential of its premise.

      It’s important to note that the military princess is transporting these characters from their worlds in order to have them fight for her (although when they don’t, I dunno what her intentions are), so naturally she’d lean towards characters from action-oriented genres. Now I did see Chitoge bitch-slap Goku in that Shonen Jump fighting game crossover, but the point is that there’s a fine line between fulfilling potential and biting off more than you can chew, and while it’d be nice to see a Nisekoi expy hate her creator for prolonging the romance for ages before it ends, there’s still the “Great Destruction” plot to consider and how to integrate all the characters into that.

      Mind you, I’m not exactly blind to the fact that this show seems like Fate/Zero all over again, except replace Type-Moon characters with broadly fictional ones. About half the fictional characters look like they’re Fate/Zero expies and it’s been rumored that the military princess’s name is Saber;

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