Let’s Watch: Tsuki ga Kirei — Episode 5

I’m suddenly reminded why none of my relationships ever went anywhere.

Last time on Tsuki ga Kirei, we saw the main couple agree to start dating after a few contrived events after the initial confession caused Akane to realize that maybe she should try fighting for this boy a little harder. And of course, it doesn’t help that the other girl striving for Kotaro’s affection is her own best friend, which I’m still calling bullshit on.

Before I get started on this one, I just want to make it clear that from now on until the site turns to shit, I’m going to be taking all of my images for these Let’s Watches from 9anime’s streams. I finally got motivated to try the site out and it’s actually really good if you don’t mind pissing off Miles. Since I’d rather not do that, I’m still going to watch these anime legally on the official sites – so continue to expect me being a week behind on Tsuki ga Kirei – but do you know how large the image sizes were when I screencapped Virgin Soul and Re: Creators last week? At least one MB each, and yeah I could have lowered the resolution to 720p or something, but I’m having enough trouble with how Anime Strike doesn’t automatically turn on the subs, so why would I waste my energy on making the image quality shittier?

Now that that’s settled, let’s get started on this. I actually read Bobduh’s write-up of the fourth episode beforehand out of sheer curiosity, so I know that he liked the episode for its many small emotional moments. However, I doubt that’ll affect my judgment of the episode too much because A) he didn’t really explain what happened in the episode B) I think Tsuki ga Kirei’s love story is a little more sophisticated than characters being shy around each other. I’ve actually seen people say the reason they’re not giving this a chance is because it’s a generic romcom. Admittedly it’s not a great romance show or anything, but I think there’s a bit more to the narrative here than there is in Fuuka or whatever that Brains Base romantic comedy was back in Spring 2014.

But why am I prolonging the start of what you’re all here to read? Let’s get to actually watching the show.


Chinatsu: Hello, I’m the peppy third-wheel love interest. Do you know of a place you frequently go to that I can also conveniently go to so we can be together more than your actual love interest?

Kotaro: Um, there’s a cram school I go to every night.

Chinatsu: Brilliant! I’ll see you there so we can make babies.

  • We cut to a scene of Kotaro doing a ritual dance, with the purpose of it being totally lost on me other than to segue into a discussion he has with one of his male buddies regarding how he’s not doing too well in school along with his confusion regarding what you’re supposed to do in a relationship. Naturally, he avoids harsh questioning by saying that said relationship is going to be the focus of his book.
  • I could make a joke regarding how Kotaro likes his women the same way he likes his soda, but that’d be mean considering I kinda like Akane.
  • Akane is about as clueless as he is when it comes to dating, causing her to google up advice that isn’t too bad, but it’s not very helpful in regards to figuring out what you are supposed to do for a date.
  • This line right here perfectly encapsulates why Tsuki ga Kirei isn’t the generic romance anime most people say it is. Granted I have seen some really shitty visual novel adaptations that have said the same thing, but this show earns it more than those by actually basing the story around the romance and not giving it improper treatment through horribly forced-in fanservice scenes. Isn’t that right, Da Capo?
  • Something tells me that Akane’s sister isn’t going to be much help.
  • While Akane gets some fairly generic advice regarding what couples are supposed to do, Kotaro gets a more specific one telling him to meet up with her at the library. On Yahoo…sorry…Yahho Answers. Dude, I know you’re clueless and all, but don’t believe what Yahho says. I mean c’mon, said answer only got one thumbs up!

  • After a “cute” scene where Kotaro and Akane text each other whilst the former does sit-ups at the same time with a Muhammad Ali poster on his wall to give him more physical motivation, the library invitation is sent, and all that’s left is for said meeting to actually occur. Given the way this show has approached romance so far, I’m expecting some contrived bullshit to happen.
  • Of course it’s hard to get away to eat alone when you usually spend lunch time with your friends, so the two end up finishing their lunches separately. I’m guessing this is more of a Japanese thing than an American one, so I’ll give it a bit of a pass.
  • Oh c’mon! Of all the girls to intrude upon our bookworm while he’s waiting in the library, it has to be Chinatsu? What the heck is she even doing here at this exact time and place?
  • Okay yeah, I can already see where this is going.


You caught me fooling around with somebody new
You caught me fooling around now I’m losing you
‘Cause you’re a one man woman
You’re a one man woman
You’re a one man woman
But I’m a two timing man

Akane: Why are you singing Paul Anka?

Kotaro: I thought it’d be an expressive way to say I’m sorry?

Akane: But you didn’t say you were sorry. You just sang that you’re a cheater.

Kotaro: …wait, what were the lyrics to this thing again?

  • The only thing that’d make this worse is if she caught them having sex and Chinatsu was in the middle of her orgasm. But that’d be just fucking stupid…right?
  • And it’s playing out exactly how I predicted to the point that I’m just going to skip through the scene. I mean why should I bother highlighting it? You know how these shitty misunderstandings tend to go. Never trust Yahho.
  • Well okay, I guess I do have to highlight that Chinatsu says to Akane that she’s planning to go to the same cram school as Kotaro. Because why put the halt on this fuck-up train when the path it’s going down seems so clean?

  • The next few scenes are basically Akane confiding into Takumi regarding her conflicted feelings between her best friend and boyfriend, which Takumi noticed because her sad mood is reflected in her running. I’ve got to say, I really like how the show is treating the dude. He obviously has a crush on her, but he’s not getting in the way of the main romance the way Chinatsu is, and it’s a bit more understandable in his case because he’s like Akane for years now. Plus, he’s just a very understanding guy in general.
  • Wow, very poor timing in regards to today’s subject matter, cram school teacher.
  • Okay seriously, how is Chinatsu getting more time to hang out with Akane’s boyfriend than Akane is? I know that she’s more open with her feelings and has no problems with missing track practice to go to cram school and all, but when cars accidentally start pushing them closer to each other shortly after they exchange Line IDs, something has gone horribly wrong.
  • Oh geez. I wonder why this conversation is happening in the show now.
  • Skip straight to the hotel? Aren’t these kids in middle school? I know the very concept of a love hotel is a perfect example of how loose Japan can be, but you’d think the same country that’s strict towards guns and underage drinking would put an age limit on those things.
  • No, but I’m thinking about it,” said Akane.
  • Kotaro ends up confiding to his bookstore owner friend that he’s really dating a girl and is having a lot of trouble with it due to typical middle school problems combined with how they’re trying to keep the relationship secret, but neglects to mention that he’s got another girl after him as well because quite frankly that would make anybody’s affection for him turn from pity to jealousy in a heartbeat.
  • Thankfully, the bookstore owner gives Kotaro the idea to invite Akane to the bookstore where they spend the rest of the episode confronting each other about the problems they’re facing, agreeing to be there for each other some more, engaging in some good old hand-holding whilst sappy music plays in the background, and (in my interpretation) singing the last few verses of “One Man Woman” in their head.


Now I won’t need no chains to tie me down


You lost you’re way my fault
But now you’ve found that

‘Cause I’m a one man woman


You’re a one man woman


I’m a one man woman


And I’ll be your one woman man

  • …welp!
  • The end. And yes, I’m going to skip talking about the skits after the credits because they’re not worth talking about.


Mixed thoughts on the episode as a whole. On the one hand, I like how it acknowledged that dating is hard, especially at the middle school level where your money is limited and you have to deal with school and friends and all that. Also, I’m aware that in Japan, friendships between guys and girls are uncommon, so I understand that Akane can’t just run over to Kotaro whenever she wants to even if she just denied she had feelings towards him to her friends. And I understand that neither of them want to be open about their relationship either, especially since it’s just starting. All that stuff is neat.

On the other hand though, while Takumi’s presence is tolerable for the most part, Chinatsu’s role in the story is starting to grate on me. I don’t mind Chinatsu as a character or anything, but it’s getting a little ridiculous how she just happens to keep disturbing Akane’s feelings for Kotaro at the most inopportune times, most of them by accident to boot. And how she just happens to get into situations where she’s closer to Kotaro than Akane currently is. It’d be one thing if this was intentional or if it was one accident, but having multiple accidents that cause her to be interested in our bookworm of a lead is a bit much.

6 responses to “Let’s Watch: Tsuki ga Kirei — Episode 5

  1. Mostly what I liked about this episode was that Akane and Chinatsu actually talked some stuff out and made a conscious decision to remain friends. Wouldn’t you know, two girls CAN like the same guy without going into full-on competitive bitch mode and/or never speaking to each other again. I think a lesser anime title probably would’ve dragged that aspect of the story out for 10 episodes or so.

    • Are you referring to Episode 5 or Episode 6? Because this Let’s Watch is for the fifth episode.

      Also I did watch the sixth episode on 9anime shortly after scheduling this post, so I do know that Chinatsu and Akane talked things out recently, and that Chinatsu is going to confront her feelings with Kotaro head on. Overall, it was the big improvement that I wanted to happen.

  2. Odd that people thought of this anime as a rom-com. The main romance here is taken more seriously as you’ve said. I guess you could say that the rom-com bits are in the skits but that’s not really significant.

    I like Chinatsu and I wouldn’t mind her and Kotaro ending up together(not gonna happen, of course) but this love triangle feels so contrived with these very convenient coincidences. I agree with what you said about Takumi. He’s alright.

    On a side note, ticking off this Miles fellow seems like an interesting proposal, except I’ve been doing that for a long time now. Is it that bad to get on his bad side?

    • Is it that bad to get on his bad side?

      I’m allergic to all forms of Internet drama, and while I doubt Miles cares about this blog, I’m not taking any chances. Besides, despite never getting to meet him in person, he’s an alright guy.

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