Let’s Watch: Re Creators — Episode 9


Last week on Re: Creators, Sota is an idiot, Mamika is Jesus, and Yuya fucked things up with everyone’s approval. Do I really need to clarify beyond that? I sure as hell hope not.

Not gonna bother with too much of a prologue today. Just gonna start this Let’s Watch right now.


  • We see that Mamika survived her encounter with Altair, but she is bleeding real bad. I kind of knew she wouldn’t die instantly from last week’s cliffhanger, although it is pretty unclear whether or not her wounds are fatal.
  • Okay seriously, what the fuck is up with Magane and her ability to always be at the exact right spot at the exact wrong time? Was that in her original light novel? Because I find it kind of bullshit that Mamika’s blood would just happen to fall on her (and apparently no one else), causing her to notice our favorite magical girl collapsing in an empty area where nobody else is around. And even if that was in her original series, how the fuck do you explain the lack of people whenever the fictional characters end up in a serious situation like this? This is supposed to be reality. Unless there’s a (terrible) plot twist that this takes place in someone else’s fictional Japan, I find it very hard to believe that Magane was the only person to be there when Mamika kicks the bucket.
  • Being the idealistic girl that she is, Mamika decides to trust the psychopath with her dying words regarding how she wants to save Altair from destroying the world and that Meteora was right regarding her theories. Alice then decides to show up herself, only to discover that it’s too late to save her friend from deletion, and Mamika can’t muster up any more energy to clear up any potential misunderstandings that Magane will cause because she’s evil like that. Yeah I can definitely see Twitter having a field day with this.

  • Yeah I heard her dying wish. And I’ll sell it to you for a year’s supply of cookies. Can you believe how much better they taste in this world? Seriously, my Creator didn’t make ’em up that sugar-y where I’m from.
  • Magane doesn’t exactly lie about what she tells Alice, but because of the way she phrases Mamika’s dying words combined with Alice just being lawful stupid to the point that Magane herself notices how easy it was to trick her, Alice ends up thinking Meteorra killed Mamika and misinterprets what exactly Altair needs saving from. Let’s be honest, who didn’t see that coming?
  • Well, she dealt with one dumbass. Now time for her to deal with another.

  • Wow this episode is kind of shit, isn’t it? We’re at the 2/3 mark and all that’s happened is Magane trolling people without much firing back on their end. There’s no irony in it either apart from her commentating on how she’s free to be as trollish as she wants in a reality where the protagonist of her story isn’t stopping her. That’s not really enough to give her words substance for as long as she’s been speaking, there’s only so many of Magane’s facial expressions I can handle, and Sota’s inability to break free of her control is just grating at this point. Again, you can tell a story that’s all dialogue, but it has to be good dialogue. Say what you will about Meteorra’s info-dumps, but at least they were about something important. This is just Magane getting off to the sound of her own voice.
  • Oh thank god. I don’t care if Yuya’s arrival seems a little forced. As long as we can get away from this horrible direction, I think we’re good.
  • Another action scene. And given how Magane can’t do anything unless someone calls her out on her lies, all she can do is dodge Yuya’s attacks, which turns out to be pretty easy given how she’s more untouchable than Izaya is. Which of course begs the question: if she’s athletic enough to jump fifty feet in the air and avoid shonen-esque attacks, how come she isn’t strong enough to deal damage of her own? Granted, I know she can’t match a shonen powerhouse like Yuya, but it’s a little odd how much she depends on her liar abilities to fight when it’s clear she has more offensive capabilities than Meteorra.
  • Thank Christ Sota finally opens up fully about his past guilt. I didn’t hate this plot device like most people did, but it was really wearing on my patience. Mostly because it felt tacked on compared to everything else going on in this show. I mean yes, jealousy of someone’s talents is all fine and good, but this theme didn’t get developed nearly as much as the show’s other themes regarding creativity and how fiction affects people. So using it as a major plot motivation for a main character just weakened him considerably.

  • Unfortunately, it seems like nobody bothered to inform Yuya about what Magane can do, so when he calls her out on her bluff that she can survive everyone of his attacks, she suddenly becomes able to take his sonic booms head on. Yeah, hopefully no one ever removes the limiter on her powers, because otherwise she’ll become a literal cheat code.
  • Yikes. So her powers are permanent once they activate? Again, it’s easy to avoid the effects of said power by putting duct tape on your mouth, but for a shonen-esque character like Yuya, it’s pretty much his kryptonite.
  • Actually, you know what’d be really funny? If Magane lied that Yuya had a small penis, and then he denied that outright, only for her curse to make it so that he’d be borderline impotent until Magane was killed. After that, he’d spend the rest of the show trying to kill her all for the sake of having sex again while Magane and the rest of the characters make fun of him for it. Then when the teasing goes too far, he just snaps.

Yuya: The power of my penis is strong! And with your death, I won’t mean just figuratively!

  • Well if the sword won’t work, then use the Persona. Or the Naruto stand. I seriously still have no idea what we’re supposed to call that.

  • Of course, Magane would rely on Alice showing up to get out of trouble. Funny how Alice doesn’t seem to mind letting Magane live, but I’m just going to assume her character in the original manga wasn’t all that well-written like most people seem to think.
  • The end.


The idea of this episode isn’t bad, but my god the execution sucked. It was literally 2/3 shitty light novel dialogue and 1/3 action that ends up just being setup for next week’s action. The fact that Sota didn’t fall for Magane’s deal came off as a big relief, but it really shouldn’t have taken him that long to reject her given how what she was asking for was just plain unreasonable. And of course, the distractingly empty environments returned in full force. Combine that with Magane’s tendency to show up at the most inconvenient of times and you’ve got my suspension of disbelief crumbling like a man whose leg tendons were cut.

The fact that this episode followed last week’s game-changer was also not in its favor. Sota having guilt over indirectly causing people’s death isn’t inherently bad, but Re: Creators hasn’t really done a good job of selling it to me, mostly because it’s so far in the background compared to all the other interesting things happening around our audience surrogate. As I’ve said before, I’m watching this show for the whole “fictional characters discover they’re fictional and react to it in various ways” angle. I’m okay with other pieces of story tagging along for the ride like what the people who make anime have to go through and all that, but they have to be be strong in their own right whilst tying in to a singular focus point. Sota’s complex may tie in to that point, but not in a way I find significant enough to last as long as it did. It felt more like a padding mechanism than something we needed to see, and given how slow this show has been up till now, it can’t afford to feel padded at this point.

Well, what’s done is done. It looks like we’re getting an action-packed episode next week, so hopefully Re: Creators actually sells the fighting to me this time. I actually kind of enjoyed what action we got this week myself, although that may be due to the first fifteen minutes wearing me down to the point that I was desperate for anything different to occur. While it’s not as bad as Virgin Soul – although for some reason, a lot of Virgin Soul fans disagree with me and think this show is worse with pacing – Re: Creators really does not make good use of its two-cour length. Sometimes it nails it. Sometimes, we get boring episodes like this. Hopefully the ratio of interesting to dull doesn’t decrease as we approach the show’s second half.

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    • Re: Creators is the one I find the most fun to write about and watch. Bahamut is fun to write about, but watching it can be a bit of a pain. Tsuki ga Kirei is nice to watch, but writing about it isn’t as exciting.

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