Let’s Watch: Re Creators — Episode 11

Megane shipping.

Last week on Re: Creators, lots of people drooled at all the action happening on screen as well as the plot seeming that it might actually go somewhere while I met it with skepticism. Not gonna detail what people’s thoughts on Episode 11 were since I already did that in the last post due to ambiguity regarding when Re: Creators was going to be taking a break. I will say though that I was gonna blog something else for Let’s Watch this week because this episode didn’t show up on Anime Strike for some reason, and it took a while for other subbers to get on this. But then I accidentally found that the latest episode was up and now my weekend schedule is a smidgen out of sync. As such, forgive me if this post ends up being a little shorter than usual, but I got to keep reality in mind too you know.

Also, the thing I initially had planned for today will eventually get posted. Just got to wait for Re: Creators’ actual break to start and all. Anyways, let’s not waste any time and get started on this, shall we? Oh, and I’m going to be using imgur for the images again because my storage is getting full and I don’t have the money to pay for an upgrade. If you don’t like that format or just want to support the more professional tone I’m putting for this blog, please support me on Patreon. A dollar a month would really help me out.


  • In all seriousness, while I understand the importance of slowing down so that the characters can gather their thoughts, and the discussions regarding how important deadlines are to Creators isn’t bad, very little has actually happened to really justify sitting through more “making fiction is tough” dialogue right now. Can we talk about something more important?

  • Aw. I’ve stated this before, but I really like Matsubara. After adjusting to the fact that his own Creation is actually talking to him in reality, he’s really come into his own as a supportive guy, especially to Celestia, who’s sort of like a daughter to him.
  • The following discussion that happens is kind of cool. The two have a discussion regarding how Celestia’s story is one of many popular stories, which leads to Celestia realizing there aren’t many stories in her world because Matsubara didn’t write them in. Guess what he plans to do in the next volume when Celestia inevitably goes back?
  • And yes, she does plan to go back. Which is understandable, because even though her world is fake, it’s still her home and she still has a duty to it. I really hope this idea is developed more within the story, but then it’d have to fight the twenty other potentially interesting but unresolved ideas so far, wouldn’t it?

  • You have to wonder though: when they do go back, will they remember their experiences in the real world? I’d like to ponder on that more, but unfortunately I don’t have the time at the moment.
  • I bet a lot of writers can relate to that.
  • Sota, don’t you know anything about shonen mecha protagonists? They will eat out the United States.
  • Yeah, but unfortunately Sota, you too are technically a Creation and your Creator for some bone-headed reason thought dragging your silence over five episodes was a good idea.
  • I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky! I think about it every night and day! Spread my wings and fly away!
  • After not getting any focus since, well, his debut (and even then he wasn’t focused on that much) Rui decides to take Sota to the air in order to snap him out of his funk. And who wouldn’t cheer up flying high in a mecha, amirite?
  • Wow, Rui really was a more modern Shinji Ikari wasn’t he?
  • Hahaha. The way his robot moves like him, even when he’s just brushing off food from his chin is hilarious.
  • Man, I am in complete agreement with the dude over here. One of the reasons I’m so harsh on a lot of anime community activities like having “way too many favorite anime” or “watching a show based on who made it” or “presentation/style is the most important thing” and all that is because I did that lot during this blog’s run. And it was a BIG mistake. Seriously, indulging in those mindsets made the blog a lot messier/pretentious than it should have been. As such, when I see other people doing it, I can’t help but groan at the immaturity.
  • I mean the community is free to do whatever it wants, but for god’s sakes, don’t avoid an anime just because someone you don’t like is making it. Why does that matter? Lots of anime creators only make one good product in their life, and if you try arguing with me on that, you will not win. Because anyone who supports worshipping creators over judging the product for what it is is too biased to even qualify to deliver proper criticism. Genre bias? That’s fine. Creators bias? Absolutely not.

  • Definitely know how that feels. I mean I’ve made it clear that I don’t want to be one of those popular anime people who gets hounded for his opinions the moment he tweets about how people are wrong about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time or gets a favorite simply because he’s watching someone else’s favorite anime or whose popularity limits his free time, but I’m not quite as fine with how my more popular online friends barely chat with me anymore, even though I understand because life getting so busy that you don’t have time to hang out anymore is a common part of adult life.
  • Mind you, if they ever got caught in a scandal or something, I would definitely rush in to help them as long as they asked me and I actually had the ability to do something. I’ve gone my whole life abandoning people who I’ve lost contact with and while I’ll still cut them out if they do it first, I refuse to let people I get along with slip away from me again. Of course, keep in mind I gained this resolve in my late twenties while Sota is in his late teens. I dunno what my actual feelings would have been if I had a friend like Setsuna at that age (although if I liked the person in a romantic way, I would support her no matter what), especially given how I was a right insecure asshole in high school who didn’t let people get close to him.
  • That said, I’m still not a fan of how long it took for the show to get to this point, and I’m not sure why this plot point is getting so much attention to begin with since this is supposed to be Re: Creators and not Danganronpa. I should also point out that unlike their first meeting, this part of the story is told through time skips and narration that lasts a minute, which is a stark contrast to the three minutes spent on Sota and Setsuna hanging out in the convention. It’s like someone hit the fast-forward button when they got bored with the lack of nerd shipping on screen.
  • The end. Wait a minute, you’re ending the episode here? Right in the middle of Sota’s revelation? Are you serious?


I guess they were. Well, this episode had some strong moments, but they’re not really meshing well with the overall product, which was again very dialogue-heavy. The emotional scenes are no longer moving me all that much, and the execution of them is getting more noticeably awkward as well due to the mismanagement of screen time given to all these characters. I can buy Rui changing upon entering the real world, but I didn’t want him to flat-out tell me about his experiences that we never actually see with nothing but slow-panning shots across a dull blue sky. Why why WHY is this show so bad at using animation to tell the story? I mean, besides the obvious reasons.

Also, as relatable as Sota gets in this episode regarding befriending someone who ends up being way more successful than him to the point of alienation, no amount of “I feel you man” can make me overlook how a guy’s jealousy of someone more talented than him should not share equal importance with the fictional characters gaining self-awareness since talent is not a major part of Re: Creators’ story. You know what I consider important in this show? The relationship between fiction and reality, as well as the effects that stories can have on people and the struggles authors go through to make those effects possible. Can someone explain to me how Sota’s issues regarding how he can’t make it in the eyes of the public is a major part of the plot? It feels like it exists solely to get him involved rather than because the story needed it, and given how the story is barely apparent, that just makes the time spent on it even worse.

Re: Creators’ isn’t a bad show, but the soulless animation and slow-paced story have long since wore me down to the point that I’m not nearly as excited about its potential as I was a month or so ago. Maybe I’ll miss it after the break, but I’ve got to say that if the show takes a break here, this is a pretty shitty place to do that. Not that that will matter a few months from now, but who thought cliff hangering with Sota’s story half-finished was a good idea? I guess we’ll see next week, and if I see no new episode next weekend, I’m putting what I had planned for this Monday next week.

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