Let’s Read: Re Creators — Episode 15

I knew Da Capo’s writers were perverted fucks!

Last time on Re: Creators, Youtube took down my video, forcing me to stick to the written format for future Let’s Watches. And it’s a real shame because while it did take a lot of work to make that video, I felt the end result was kind of worth it. But it definitely isn’t worth getting into that whole Youtube copyright strike drama, and while I do intend to try videos again later, I’m going to need to come up with something less taxing on both my time and on Youtube’s security bots. Oh, and I’m going to need a new microphone. I really hate how my current one makes my voice all high.

Really though, I’m just getting tired of my current Let’s Watching. I’ve never been the biggest fan of my own stuff to begin with, but I really do not like how my Let’s Watches are turning out. And apparently you guys agree with me because it hasn’t caught on all that well. I don’t want to give it up, but the execution and results haven’t been what I was hoping for, and the video format was the first time in a while that I was really proud of what I came up with. Thankfully, I did have one other idea that I’ve been saving in case things got stale, but is now really the right time to do it? Well, you guys haven’t really cared one way or the other, so might as well. God I hope this new format works. But like I said when I made the Youtube video, I’ve got to try it or else I’ll never evolve as a writer.

Anyways, if you forgot what actually happened last week, there was a lot of talking regarding the process of making an anime crossover, a new Creation showed up for like ten seconds, and the animation took a nosedive. Got all that? Good. Now pray to me that I’m not jumping the shark (okay, another shark) as I write about this latest episode…in fanfic novelization form!


With the deadline for the upcoming crossover fast approaching, the last thing Matsubara and the rest of the Creators needed was another anime character coming into their lives. And yet the sight of the schoolgirl who clearly came from a dating sim was not something they could ignore, especially with Kikuchihara waving the HandPortal box art (that apparently mostly spotlights her over any other heroines) in front of their faces.

“Anyways, welcome to this world, Hoshikawa Hikayu-san,” she said after comparing her looks to the artwork.

“I can’t believe it,” said Matsubara in disbelief. “You’re that character from that dating sim game. I can’t believe after all this time, we’re just now getting a dating sim character added into the mix.”

“That used to be an X-rated game too,” clarified Nakanogane.

Marine slapped the the overweight writer in the shoulder, but it was too late.

“Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” cried Hikayu. “Why does everyone know about me?”

As the characters stared in disbelief at the sight of her, Hikayu realized something.

“Do you know about me and Masayuki-kun? Do you know about the fifty times I tripped and showed my panties to him, only to call him a pervert and beat him with a nearby broom? Or the time we made memories in the forest that night after our first kiss? Or the time that we tried shower sex and despite how logically it’s incredibly uncomfortable, it somehow turned out to be one of the steamiest two minutes I ever spent in…”

“Okay, why did you just flat-out admit to having shower sex after calling your first time ‘making memories’?” asked Kikuchihara.

“I’m sorry. I’m just so confused that I can’t even think straight,” she cried.

“Hey, what’s sex?” asked Rui.

Before anyone could answer him, Celestia quickly changed the subject.

“Until now, all the characters that appeared here were Creations with special abilities for battle, so I thought there was some kind of rule like that.”

While it didn’t quite drown out the crying, everyone else quickly shifted their attention to what Celestia said because it did seem strange. It’s very clear from looking at Hikayu that comedic pratfalls aside, she has no superpowers or fighting abilities whatsoever, a sharp contrast to practically every other Creation that has come into existence before now. The equivalent of this situation would be taking a character from Da Capo and putting her in the Black Lagoon universe, and the chances of said character surviving in that world for more than a day were like winning the fucking lottery. And the more they thought about it, the more they couldn’t deny the widening smiles on their faces as they imagined an annoying character from that godawful franchise being forced into a violent situation where she’d either turn into a hardass or die, effectively creating a win-win scenario. Well, everyone except Yuya’s creator, who thought the idea was stupid and left the room in a huff.

“But what is she going to do?” asked Celestia after everyone adjusted back to what they considered reality.

The characters thought it over and decided that it would be wise to contact the company that created Hikayu, as now that she’s in the real world, she would have to be included in the crossover and only her Creators would be able to do that properly. However, there was still the matter of the second Creation that apparently got transported along with Hikayu to the real world.

“About that,” said Kikuchihara, “we have an eyewitness report from someone who said they saw a huge robot.”

“And given how we can’t find them after all this time,” said Meteorra, “we have to assume that they’ve joined Altair’s side.”

“So you mean they finally recruited someone that I’m actually allowed to fight now?” asked Rui.

“Yes, and we need to figure out their identity fast so we can include them in the crossover and have you curb stomp them.”

As Rui pondered actually getting something to do, a government man burst in, exclaiming that they found the creator of Alicetaria’s manga, who everyone else had presumed dead because why on earth would they assume otherwise? While everyone in the room expressed shock at the unlikely news, said Creator was busy poring over a Code Babylon manga where Blitz was forced to kill his own daughter in order to save the world whilst waiting to meet up with the others, and by sheer coincidence, Blitz Talker found himself pondering over the events of said manga in his head whilst being by himself at Altair’s hideout.

“I’ll never forget that day,” he thought. “The day that my partner Ryusuke tried to spare me from the pain by killing Erina himself. And to think that it was all because of a hardass woman with no tact that my daughter was lost to me. I’ll never forgive her. I’ll never forgive the Gods of this world for taking my family away from me!”

As Blitz finished his overdramatic internal rage for the twelve millionth time, an unfamiliar figure that looked like he stepped out of a street fighting manga approached him.

“Are you new?” he asked.

“My name is Syo,” said the figure. “Hakua Syo.”

Recognizing the name as the main character from Yuya’s manga, Blitz had himself a good chuckle before continuing the conversation.

“You’re a friend of that kid, Yuya Mirokuji.”

“Do you know Yuya?” asked Syo, suddenly readying his weapon.

“Well he tries to kill me all the time, so yes I do.”

“Oh, well in that case, you’re a-OK with me, Gramps.”

“So does that mean you also have a Jojo stand?”

“It’s called an Astra Double, old man. And yes I do.”

As Syo stated that, a young gold knight formed behind him.

“This is my Astro Double, Bayard. Some old fuck I’m acquainted with gave the name to me, so I don’t really get the significance of it, but you bet your ass he’s powerful.”

As Blitz stared in awe at the mysterious figure, Syo continued the conversation.

“Anyways, if Yuya is here, then I’m going to need to settle things with him. The bastard betrayed our crew, and killed one of our friends and my sister in the process.”

“And yet for some reason, he’s on the good guy side here,” stated Blitz. “What an ironic twist of fate.”

Back at the Royal Guest Room…

Back at Altair’s hideout…

“Anyways, we all have our reasons for coming here,” continued Blitz. “Have you been informed regarding what’s happening?”

Syo confirmed to Blitz that he had been told by Altair that he is just a fictional character that was created for the sole purpose of entertainment, but he wasn’t ready to fully believe everything that was told to him. He also stated that he had no intention of changing his fate until he personally dealt with Yuya, which Blitz himself was not surprised at.

“I’ve learned something after coming here,” he stated. “Heroes like you have way too simple motives. You’re nothing but teenage pandering trash that would get killed in an instant if you ever set foot in my world, and I look down on you greatly.”

“What was that old man?” asked Syo. “Is that a challenge?”

“I’ll pass. If I got violent here, I’d be causing a lot of trouble for other people, and I’d rather not deal with anything unnecessary.”

Realizing that Blitz meant serious business, Syo put down his weapon and walked away.

Meanwhile, at a high rise apartment, Magane was busy enjoying a life of luxury thanks to her newly acquired powers combined with the real world containing more strife than her original world could even dream of. However, there was one annoying thing that managed to translate to the land of the Gods besides her powers…

“Man, this towel just conveniently covers my boobs no matter how much I turn,” she laughed. “I guess this world’s physics doesn’t apply to more than my parkour skills.”

After walking to the living room and sitting down on the table, Magane breathed out a huge sigh.

“Having a bath in a tub full of money,” she stated. “It’s not as good as I thought it’d be. I guess it’s only fun if you do it in front of poor people.”

Turning towards the TV, Magane noticed a news report regarding conflict in the Middle East and laughed at the destruction.

“Great. This world is great. I love it. Places with wars and conflicts, man this is a far cry from my world where murders were a rare occurrence thanks to the presence of supernatural detectives. I feel like I can accomplish anything here, and thanks to stealing that idiot’s Persona, I’m basically the queen of this world.”

As Magane continued to gloat about her newfound freedom, she suddenly noticed a mysterious figure wearing armor approaching her from behind and immediately recognized her as Alicetaria.

“How did you get in here without making any noise?” she asked with a hint of annoyance.

“That doesn’t matter,” said the knight. “I’ve come here to make a deal with you.”

Upon hearing those words, Magane suddenly formed a wicked smile

“Oh? This should be interesting. What kind of deal?”

Back at the military base, Meteorra had managed to transport a strange machine that could measure audience reaction to fictional creations into the facility when combined with her magic and was now running tests on it to make sure that it worked properly.

“So with this, we can now confirm the output of acceptance?” asked Kikuchihara.

“The fact that I could even get this machine in here is proof of its reliability,” said Meteorra. “For it was only through their acceptance of me having this power that Matsubara put in his latest work that I could create it in the first place.”

“Hard to argue with that logic.”

After finishing with the tests, the two decided to go for a walk outside where Kikuchihara revealed that Sota himself was participating in the writing for the crossover. Upon hearing about what he suggested, Meteorra gave a warm smile.

“I see he’s finally growing up. But honestly, those directions he’s suggesting will be hard to implement.”

“Is it because Mizushino isn’t skilled enough yet?” asked Kikuchihara.

“No that’s not it. It’s a problem related to the structure that no writer could overcome short of a miracle.”

“Well he is the narrator of our own story, so a miracle is definitely within his grasp.”

With a widening smile at the lame meta-joke, Meteorra stared off into the sun while the writers continued to toil endlessly in order to meet their deadline, now aided by Alicetaria’s creator, who foresaw that she would rebel against Altair and thus wanted to do everything to help her. However, the process was soon interrupted by…

“He’s the creator of Hikaru-chan’s story,” clarified Nakanogane. “His name is Onishi.”

“Yeah, we used to hit up maid cafes all the time back when we had free time,” clarified the buck-toothed writer.

“Hey aren’t you the guy who voices Kazuma from Konosuba?” asked Matsubara.

“No, but I can understand why you’d think that given our similar voices. Anyways, I’ve heard that Hikaru has materialized into the real world, so I thought I could meet her. Is she here? I really want to see her!”

With an exaggerated sigh, Kikuchihara along with the rest of the group brought Onishi to the shy girl, whereupon…

“Hikayu, it’s me! Marry me please!”

As the group witnessed the strange site of what appeared to be a creepy otaku trying to fondle a high school girl, Kikuchihara managed to grab a hold of Onishi and drag him away before he turned Hikaru’s character into one from the NTR genre. Unfortunately, Onishi also happened to notice Celestia and Meteorra, whereupon Nakanogane had to lend his own hand in regards to keeping him under control.

“Is this what all adult game creators are like?” asked Sota.

“Well I doubt they’re as cool as me,” said Matsubara.

After giving him the same treatment that males characters tend to get in dating sims when they sexually harass girls (which explains a lot when you think about it), Kikuchihara slammed her palm on the desk and confronted Onishi with a serious look.

“Onishi-san,” she stated. “This isn’t a hand-shaking event with an idol group or a cosplay event. This is a meeting for discussing how to increase Hoshikawa’s powers. Now either help out or we will set you on fire, and believe me when I say that no one will give a shit. Not even your parents.”

“My parents are dead,” he responded.

“Well I’m sorry for your loss, but…”

“Is that why Masayuki-kun’s parents are dead?” cried Hikaru. “Because you based him off of your own background?”

“Hikaru-chan, please shut up,” said Celestia.

After everyone in the room calmed down and Onishi was given a proper explanation regarding what was going on, Meteorra pondered the likelihood of Hikaru being able fit into the upcoming crossover.

“Unlike us, she’s just a normal highschool girl. Would the audience accept her being able to shoot lasers out of her eyes?”

“Not a problem,” said Onishi. “Have you ever heard of fan discs?”

“Fan discs?”

“The good thing about the dating sim genre is that logic is a completely foreign thing within it, which makes it very easy for fan creations that place the characters in alternate settings to exist. There was that Magical Kokoro-chan thing with School Days. There’s the very existence of Muv-Luv spinoffs. Hell, Prism Illya is also pretty hot right now.”

As the characters stared in awe at the flexibility of what’s considered to be a trash genre to many, Onishi continued to sip his coffee with a smug look on his face.

“So do you want me to make her into a magical girl?”

Upon remember what happened to the last magical girl he knew, Sota stood up as if to say something, only to realize that the words wouldn’t come out, so he decided to excuse himself to the restroom.

“Blitz,” said Altair as she stared at the sky.

“What is it?” asked the bounty hunter as he approached the military princess from behind.

“You must have noticed that my plan will end up destroying your world, this world, and you along with it. So why are you still following me?”

After letting out a breath of smoke, Blitz simply stated “because you’re just like my daughter. Weak, fragile, and impossible to leave alone.”

As Altair smiled at his answer, Blitz continued to speak.

“I wasn’t able to save my daughter, and I can’t save you from the character description your Creator gave you in order to be weak. But you’re able to acknowledge that weakness and turn it into strength, despite the fact that you can’t save anyone, nor want to be saved. And that is why I follow you.”

“I’m impressed, ex-detective,” said Altair. “And that’s why I think you should not participate in the final battle.”

As Blitz raised an eyebrow at Altair’s suggestion, the woman formed a magic circle in front of her.

“I am infinite. More powers are added to me everyday. As long as the power of DeviantArt and fan videos continue to exist, I’ll have more power than I ever thought possible.”

Altair touched the circle she formed and four distinct signs appeared in it.

“These four are my soldiers. Right now, they’re still hesitating, but their destination is clear.”

Touching the circle again, more distinct signs that represented the Creations who opposed her appeared within it.

“Even though I could crush them with one strike, thanks to the limits opposed upon me by the Creators of this very show, I need to give them a chance. But don’t worry. When their plan fails, they’ll realize just how foolish they truly are against me. And I will laugh. Oh I will definitely laugh.”

“You mean like the Joker?” asked Blitz.

“I wish I was that talented. Nevertheless, crushing people who are unaware of their own stupidity, what is meaningful about that? It pains me to take actions without value. The meaning of my existence is at stake.”

With one final touch, the circle disappeared.

“There are only a few months left until the next battle, the final battle. If their plans succeed, we lose. Do not succumb to other’s opinions. Continue to hunt down the gods. Don’t be bound by your story. Do it for yourself.”

Blitz could only smirk at Altair’s words before asking, “After the final battle, will I be able to see you again?”

Altair returned his smirk before saying, “Maybe if a spin-off happens”.


Not gonna bother giving my opinion of the episode this time since I want the attention of this post to be more focused on my lame novelization than my actual feelings, and I think it’ll be the same for the rest of the Let’s Watches that use this format. I will say that I appreciated Blitz finally getting some development given how he hasn’t had any focus the entire first half, and while I like the idea of Hikaru, I’m not sure if being introduced this late in the game was the best storytelling decision. Syo I’m neutral towards. Nothing to hate, but nothing to really like either. Everyone else is fine for the most part. Otherwise, I’ve really got nothing to say other than the animation seems to be getting worse (look at Celestia’s eyes in that image I posted when she kicked Onishi for proof of that), and I’m fully aware that next week is a summer special.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. Like the post if you enjoy, subscribe to my blog if you want to keep up with these quickly, donate a dollar a month to my Patreon if you want to help me with hosting fees and such, and look forward to more of my content in the near future.

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