Let’s Watch: Re Creators — Episode 17

So is this crossover event supposed to be animated or live-action in the eyes of these fans?

Last time on Re: Creators, we waited two weeks for a new episode, only for it to be more setup. After that, we had to wait another two weeks for the episode where things finally happen to air. Honestly, the fact that Anime Strike owns this show seems like a minor issue compared to the way this anime is paced on Japanese television, but I’m well aware this was planned in advance for understandable reasons, so I shouldn’t be too hard on the show for something that isn’t going to be an issue a few weeks down the road.

I’ve noticed that quite a number of people have fallen off of this show as of recently despite it still getting a fair amount of good reactions from the general anime fandom and not many people actually dropping Re: Creators despite the emerging thought process that it’s been getting more of a pass than it deserves. I don’t know the full details since I didn’t bother to look too hard at what other people think, but apparently all of the show’s problems that I’ve pointed out over the months have finally started to take their toll. While I could say “I told you so”, I’ve been at this anime blogging thing for too long to really care. Plus, now that things are finally happening, maybe the ending will elevate the show a bit? We can only hope.


Crossover Action

Finally the crossover event starts and…it’s pretty meh all things considered. Most of the action consists of beam spams and movement that is either floaty or stilted, and of course, just like Fate Fucking Zero, there’s a lot of talking in-between the moves they make. I watched the seventeenth episode of Hero Academia 2 before putting this on, and while the talking in-between the action wasn’t much better there, it’s pretty obvious which anime wins in terms of constructing an action scene (hint: it’s the anime made by Bones), so that didn’t help. Seriously, I know Altair is powerful, but the way she never exerts herself is putting me to sleep. At least the hero killer looked like he was sweating when fighting kids who were clearly no match for him.

The fight between Yuya and Sho is serviceable (although it also gets bogged down by the dialogue at times) because they’re more evenly matched, there’s some actual choreography involved, and the fangirls’ reaction to their fight is kinda funny. On another note, is it me, or is Alicetaria getting stronger every time she appears? Rui’s mecha is still kind of overpowered and all, but the way Alice just backs it in a corner before assuring our blue-haired scamp that she’s on their side feels like something that wouldn’t have been possible in the first half. It’s not an observation that deserves much time or attention, but I want to bring it up nevertheless.

The Plan

The plan to have a battle in an enclosed space where the surrounding buildings and such makes sense and all, but why did we need three episodes of buildup to see it put into action? It’s not exactly a complicated plan to begin with, especially given how easily Altair escapes the traps set against her through simple hax logic. Sure it took a long time to setup, but I’m not really sure why we needed to see all that setup unless you’re one of those fans who appreciate the craft put into planning these sorts of big anime events. And even then, I’m pretty sure there were more interesting details they could have shown us than what we actually got.

Magane Is Back!

When she’s not going on long badly written light novel monologues, Magane is actually kind of interesting as a wildcard villain. Wonder what she intends to do at this crossover event. Who wants to take bets that she ends up becoming the true final boss, similar to Dimentio from Super Paper Mario?

Blitz the Badass

The part where Blitz confronts his creator, Suruga, was definitely my favorite segment of the episode by a wide margin. Similar to how I (and most fans for that matter) never cared for the actual plot to Eureka SevenRe: Creators only really grabs my interest when it deals with the fictional characters confronting how their lives are one big lie brought on by a god who’s only trying to pay the bills. I don’t really care about Altair’s plan to erase the world through some information overload nonsense. I want to see these fictional characters confront reality and grow as a result.

I think one of the reasons why I love the characterization of the creations so much is because deep down, especially whenever I watch a shit anime, I’ve always wanted to see anime characters come to the real world and question the meaning of their existence. And the fact that despite being so common in American media, it’s never been done in anime aside from maybe an obscure comedy that I don’t remember means that there are so many new methods of characterization you can utilize with that concept. I would love to see badly written characters like Asuna from Sword Art Online, Kirie from Girls’ Bravo, Black Star from Soul Eater, and Inaho from Aldnoah Zero come to the real world and discover how the reason they act the way they do is because their writers are huge trolls.

Sure that in itself isn’t a recipe for successful characterization (still disappointed that Rui’s development happened off-screen and Hikayu has barely had any screen time at all), but no matter what my opinion is on the show overall, I maintain that Mamika’s character arc was really well-done, especially given how Re: Creators actually got me to care about a magical girl from a kids’ show. And Blitz is done pretty well too with the way he gets angry at how his world sucks because that’s what the readers want, which makes me a little sad that he was a blank slate for the entirety of the first half.


You will not believe how surprised I was that Blitz’s daughter is alive in the real world. While I understand that writing up that scenario is possible, how the fuck did his Creator get the audience to accept that? Then again, I guess the crossover event is considered non-canon. Wonder if this is going to be enough to get Blitz to turn on Altair though? While it’s doubtful he’ll do something against his daughter’s wishes, wasn’t his ability to relate to Altair’s woes the main reason why he sided with her to begin with, even though he knew that his own world could be destroyed in the process? I guess we’ll have to wait till next week to see how that pans out.


That’s the end of the Let’s Watch. I’d give a more detailed wrap-up regarding my opinions of the episode, but right now I’m dead tired, so I’ll have to do that next week. Like the post if you enjoy, subscribe to my blog if you want to keep up with these quickly, donate a dollar a month to my Patreon if you want to help me with hosting fees and such, and look forward to more of my content in the near future.

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