The Anime Coming Out In Fall 2017 That I’ll Probably Watch

The keyword of course is “probably”.

I know what you’re going to say. Mr. Flawfinder doing a preview of upcoming anime after he said he quit from the practice for the fifth time? You change your mind more than Miyazaki you Asian asshole. Well guys, while I still plan to do my own thing for the most part, part of the reason behind rebooting/reformatting Standing On My Neck last June is so that it could be more in line with what’s currently acceptable in today’s anime blogging world. And most of the blogging world likes to write about what they get hyped for, so back to the previewing I go. Thankfully, most of the blogging world also trusts you to read a chart, so I don’t have to give attention to every anime that’s coming out in the Fall. Just going to give attention to the stuff that personally interests me in a sort of “Top X Most Anticipated Anime of the Season” manner, except said ‘X’ is not a final variable.

The usual rules I’ve had for a while apply in regards to looking at an anime. I don’t bother learning who the staff is beyond the production studio (with some exceptions), and I don’t avoid an anime solely on studio because that’s not fair to the premise, even when the studio is absolute dog shit like Production IMS. Also, a new rule I have is that these anime have to be available on Crunchyroll or Funimation for me to watch it (so no Inuyashiki), because I just can’t handle pirating this stuff anymore (fuck Horriblesubs) and I refuse to support Amazon’s anime practices after what happened with this current summer season. I want to support the anime industry in regards to buying physical copies and getting more anime to the States, and while supporting Crunchy isn’t the greatest method to do so, it’s still a sight better than Amazon’s bullshit, so I got to acquiring VRV again. I know that pirating sometimes helps in getting a fanbase that will buy the blu-rays and such, but most of the time, it doesn’t. On that note, the J.C. Staff adaptation of Children of Whales is on Netflix, so I’m not going to be watching that either.

With that said, let’s get on with my selection of anime I’ll “probably” watch and special thanks to Anichart for providing me with the information necessary to make my decisions.


Blood Blockade Battlefront 2

I absolutely hated the first season of this show. In fact, not only did I hate it, but Blood Blockade Battlefront ended up becoming one of those rare bad shows that won’t leave my mind regarding how much it affected me, and this is coming from someone who’s already forgotten about Eromanga-sensei after I wrote that mini-essay on it. It wasn’t the least bit funny, the characters were horrible, the action was horrible, and is was an unimaginative annoying mess all around. This new iteration was supposed to come out this Spring, but got delayed to the Fall in order to improve production. However, I sincerely doubt that what they come out with is going to be worth the wait given how horrible the delayed finale to Season 1 ended up being.

And you know what the kicker is? The talented director aka the only reason people cared about the show in the first place isn’t on this season. It’s the guy who made Dagashi Kashi taking over. While I can’t guarantee anything, I somehow doubt I’ll like his rendition of Blood Blockade Battlefront more than Matsumoto’s. Still going to watch it though, assuming I’m allowed to do so legally. There’s a slim chance it’ll be better than Season 1 since the preview seems to indicate that it’s actually going to try to characterize the leads and do some actual storytelling this time. Plus, apparently the change in director hasn’t stopped the visuals from being stylish, so any decrease in visual quality shouldn’t be that bad.

Just Because!

This is an anime I’m interested in purely on the premise, as I don’t know who Pine Jam is, nor do I know who they’ve got on staff for Just Because. I just know this is an original production that’s focused on portraying the feelings of high schoolers nearing graduation, and thanks to the surprisingly good teen romance anime we’ve been having this year, I’m a little more open to watching these kinds of premises even though I know that they were just “once in a blue moon” productions. Having said that, while the visuals seem to be okay, I’m not a fan of the actual character art this show is using. The girls look too moe and the guys look too rough. In fact, this looks like one of those original anime written by some visual novel writer still trying to prove that it’s possible to transfer their skills between two incompatible mediums. Going to break my rule a bit and look up who’s behind this show, because otherwise this is going to drive me insane.

The original writer of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou is doing this. Okay that’s not as bad as Jun Maeda or Romeo Tanaka coming onto the scene, but I wonder if the guy (Hajime Kamoshida is a guy, right?) realizes that an anime is different from a light novel?

Kino’s Journey

The original Kino’s Journey is probably the only light novel adaptation I’d consider to be acceptable, but its style of storytelling isn’t as enamoring as it used to be now that I’ve expanded my horizons, and the sequel films were utter shit. So I wasn’t really looking forward to more of it, but apparently a lot of my colleagues did, and more than a decade later, here we are. Of course, they also raised a ruckus when they saw that Lerche’s name was attached to the show, but given how Lerche built its reputation on being subversive with anime cliches, is it really a surprise that they’d be the ones to adapt this thing? I know that the new director is supposedly terrible, but given how the guy who did the first series is dead, it’s not like we were ever going to get anything of that quality again anyways.

Bottom-line, I’ll watch this show if I can. The visuals in the PV aren’t really Masaomi Ando-tier, but they look okay. And as long as Kino remains likable, I doubt her new journey (although whether it’s a continuation or a remake is unclear) will be a waste of time.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Now this one is a big “maybe” because I’m not into anime about cute girls even when it’s being ironic about it, and I don’t like seeing shows where said cute girls have to go through harsh shit. And the very premise of this show is that these chibi-looking girls travel around a motorbike trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. While that could be a good basis for a story, it all depends on what the show is going to do with that basis. If there is something akin to Haibane Renmei’s religious metaphors or Sound Euphonium’s harsh world of music, then I’ll give it a chance. If it’s something like Made in Abyss’s metaphors about the loss of innocence and such, then I’m not interested. And if it just doesn’t have anything besides that premise, well then it’d just be another White Fox anime.

Vanishing Line

I don’t like everything MAPPA puts out, but they’re generally a safe bet in regards to entertaining anime. Plus, even if the story ends up sucking, it looks like Vanishing Line will be worth watching for the visuals alone if the above trailer is any indication. You know what I see when I watch it? I see a sword-wielding badass on a motorbike. I see a primarily adult cast looking cool at the camera. I see a dude getting punched with enough impact to produce shockwaves. And all done with eye-catching production to boot. I don’t even care what the plot is at the moment. Just let me watch this show now and I can worry about that later.

Osomatsu-san 2

…Meh. I’ll probably just watch this for conversation purposes, but I’m definitely not going to write about it.


Keep in mind that this isn’t all the anime I’m going to watch (I’ll probably watch that trashy siscon show Silver Link is putting out this season), but they’re definitely the ones I’m most interested in checking out. The chances of a surprise hit are low, but it can happen (although I don’t think I’ve ever liked an anime that I wasn’t initially interested in). And of course, there’s all the legal streaming stuff. Now Vanishing Line and the White Fox anime have a very good chance of getting purchased by Amazon, but I’m hopeful that Funimation still has the license to Blood Blockade Battlefront 2. Plus, if you guys want me to give attention to what airs on Strike, you can donate to my Patreon and I’ll bite the bullet regarding Amazon’s absurd prices if the monthly contribution is high enough to match what I’d contribute to Amazon monthly (on top of hosting fees and all that). I’m sorry, but despite Amazon being evil and all, I refuse to have anything more to do with Horriblesubs and the pirating scene in general, and I don’t care if the latter is the lesser of two evils to some of you.

So what shows are you looking forward to next season? Are you looking forward to Fall in general? Please comment below with your thoughts and if I didn’t mention one of the shows you want to see…well here’s the last section of this faux-preview post to address your concerns:

Noticeable Anime I Won’t be Watching

  • Ancient Magus Bride – Didn’t care for the movie premiere of its first three episodes
  • Shokugeki no Soma 3 – Second season drained me
  • March Comes Like a Lion 2 – Didn’t care for the first season
  • Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2 – Snore
  • Two Car – Is this really the kind of thing you want for a studio’s anniversary?
  • Love Live Sunshine!! 2 – Why is this series still going?
  • Gintama Another One – *Throws hands in air*
  • UQ Holder – Actually undecided on this one, but I’m leaning towards no because I didn’t like the manga and Ken Akamatsu’s stuff has never translated to anime very well.

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