Anime Review: Sagrada Reset — Don’t Watch This

Seriously. Don’t.

Pre-Review Background

Light novel adaptations are bad. Time-travel stories are overdone in anime. David Production’s animation is cost-cutting junk. You do the math.

Plot Summary

Pretty much every “guy saves girls from personal problems” story ever with the twist being that every cast member combined has less emotions in twenty-four episodes than the T-1000 had in one movie, which is especially painful considering the anime is primarily dialogue-driven and all the dialogue is shit. Also, there’s time travel.

Personal Dissection

Literally everything bad you can think about in regards to anime production is in Sagrada Reset. It has bad animation, bad voice-acting, bad music, bad directing, and just overall bad writing. And it’s not offensively bad like Hand Shakers, so you can’t even laugh at it ironically. It’s just plain “either we didn’t care or we wasted all that effort because the audience can’t tell either way” bad. I turned off the subtitles and muted the volume about a third of the way through whilst watching Youtube videos over the show…and it STILL felt too slow because the presentation was just that lackluster to watch. That’s how bad this show is.

And yes, this review is short on purpose, because I refuse to put more effort into giving a shit about Sagrada Reset than the production team did.


By far one of the worst anime I’ve seen in years. Whether or not you find it preferable to something like Mahouka or Big Order comes down to whether you think being offensive is worse than being nothing. Personally, I’m on the train of thought that at least when it’s being offensive, I can laugh about it with my friends (I still love telling people about how Big Order made a guy stopping a nuclear missile with his bare hands completely boring). The only thing I can say about¬†Sagrada Reset to people is “don’t watch that show. It’s so horrible man.” Nothing about this anime is compelling, and any second spent on it is a waste of time as far as I’m concerned. The end.

Additional Quips

  • To the people who changed their online handles to “watch Sagrada Reset“, f*** you.
  • Seriously Japan, enough with the time travel stories already.

13 responses to “Anime Review: Sagrada Reset — Don’t Watch This

  1. It blew my mind when I realized that the director did Non Non Biyori. Yeah, I know about not judging show by director, but did he develop a second personality when directing this one? Seriously, the style is completely different. It’s so bland that it might have been directed by a robot.

  2. I ended up enjoying the overall story of this show even if the execution is definitely questionable and that slow pace is quite the killer particularly in the first half. Not disagreeing with any of your points, except that I liked the writing of the show as I felt everything tied back in together nicely in a way I don’t see very often in anime and I really quite appreciated it (even if I did threaten to drop this show mid-season because I was bored).

      • They actually did a great job in the final arc of drawing all the little ideas from earlier stories together and it was pretty satisfying. Not saying that getting to that final arc was the best experience, but having sat through the early part of the season, it kind of felt like a reward for making it that far.

  3. Which anime/person/studio is responsible for the popular “Time-travel stories” trend nowadays? I don’t even remember the year too.

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