A Naughty List of All The Bad Anime Series from 2019 (That I’ve Watched)

Santa is very disappointed in these shows.

So Christmas is over and the end of the decade is upon us. Naturally, that means salivating over what were the best or most influential anime of the decade from all of the anime critics that actually care about that kind of stuff. But before we jump into that mess, let’s take a look back at 2019’s offerings and how a lot of them sucked. Nothing too involved like last year since I figure anyone still reading my stuff prefers things short and sweet, especially when it concerns anime they don’t actually watch. Just some short descriptions on all of the anime series this year I found to be astonishingly crappy.

That’s all the introduction you’re getting. Let’s jump into this.

Domestic Girlfriend (Diomedea)

You know, I’ve never understood those dramatic hentai doujins where the main guy sleeps around with a bunch of girls whilst simultaneously having feelings for only one girl in particular. And while Domestic Girlfriend doesn’t go that far with its dramatic take on “incest” storylines, it still has a lot of the problems I have with that concept. Namely, how am I supposed to sympathize with the dude when he’s clearly drinking love potions in secret?

Wise Man’s Grandchild (Silver Link)

The isekai trend is getting more and more uninspired with each passing year, and Wise Man’s Grandchild was definitely bottom of the barrel even for the genre. When your entire show would work just fine by removing the isekai element from it, that’s when you know it’s going to suck.

Fairy Gone (P.A. Works)

It’s hard to explain what exactly is so bad about Fairy Gone aside from the fact that it’s just incapable of drawing me into its world. The CG animation is obviously terrible and the characters are incredibly basic whilst being too subtle to standout, but there’s a lot of bad anime like that that aren’t on this list, so what is it about this show that’s so particularly horrendous? Not really sure, but I do know that P.A. Works really needs some kind of intervention when it comes to producing action series.

Danmachi S2 (J.C. Staff)

Danmachi was never a good show. At best, it had a waifu everyone went crazy about and a few decent fight scenes: things that were practically absent upon its return. Instead, what we’ve got is a tournament arc that was so forgettable I’m not sure if there was any actual competition in it, an unusually long arc focused on a bunch of Amazonian woman wearing almost nothing getting slaughtered over a prostitute who actually never slept with anyone because that makes perfect sense, a final arc that I can’t even be bothered to recall the details of other than that chick Bell has a crush on makes her return there, and J.C. Staff still sucking in 2019. Seriously, fuck this sequel.

O Maiden Of Your Savage Seasons (Lay-duce)

Well this was disappointingly lousy. An anime about girls experiencing puberty gets reduced to a show about a bunch of girls playing the “do I like him or not” card. I don’t usually mix my personal life with what happens in anime, but when all the girls in your story do this shit, I need to say something. To all the ladies out there, being indecisive/tsundere for someone is not an attractive quality in real life.

Isekai Cheat Magician (Encourage Films)

I’d rather not put more effort into this description than the creators of this anime did with this garbage.

Arifureta (White Fox x Asread)

Is this anime horribly bad or comedically bad? Personally, I think the comedically bad elements appear too infrequently to be worth a watch, but I guess this show can take credit for being a prime target to be featured on an anime version of Matt McMuscle’s “What the Hell Happened?”.

Kemono Michi (ENGI)

Don’t really have an opinion on this anime. Just find it amusing how despite trying to use some of the same tricks that made Konosuba popular, Kemono Michi just doesn’t have the chops to live up to its predecessor.

No Guns Life (Madhouse)

Okay, what is up with certain anime elitists praising this low-rent Psycho-Pass 3? Not even Psycho-Pass 1Psycho-Pass 3 aka Psycho-Pass without any world-building. The rest of that show was fine though, or at least it was a big improvement over this.

Assassin’s Pride (EMT Squared)

One of the funniest trainwrecks of the year according to people who aren’t me. Well I agree that it’s a trainwreck at the very least.

That Mom Isekai You Don’t Remember The Actual Name Of (J.C. Staff)

At least we got some memes out of this show. That’s more than what the Fall season can claim at any rate, especially compared to when the new Pokemon came out.

Sword Art Online Alicization (A-1 Pictures)

Admittedly, the recent arc covering this grand war that I don’t fully understand isn’t that terrible. But everything up to that point was basically the second coming of Mahouka, which is fitting because it’s the same director of that show who’s doing this new arc of SAO’s continual decline in quality. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to rip away all of the laughably bad elements of Sword Art Online and replace them with a bunch of people talking me to death like that was the vital element the series needed to stay fresh?

And that’s pretty much everything I can think of that was pathetic this year. There were a lot more anime I finished that I didn’t enjoy like Fire Force and Cautious Hero, but as standard examples of their genre, they’re not flat-out terrible. Oresuki was considered, but that didn’t feel like a very future-proof decision since it’s more lame than anything. I also didn’t highlight the terrible Netflix shows like 7 Seeds, Shigofumi Revisions, and the final few episodes of Hero Mask, because nobody watched them and thus it’s a waste of time to bother pretending they exist.

Hope you guys had a good holiday and I’ll see you later.

Note: Wallpaper images come from UHD Paper and Wallpaper Cave.

7 responses to “A Naughty List of All The Bad Anime Series from 2019 (That I’ve Watched)

  1. Regarding no Guns life, these are thigns I personally like about it without comparing with psycho-pass.

    Verty good ambientation/art direction.

    Cool and memorable characters.

    Well done noir Style

    Interesting Setting (even with the minimal world Building) and avoids lore dump.

    Good Sound

    Great Intro.

    Fun Action Scenes

      • That might be the crux of it them. To me, the characters and how they interact are the main draw, and if you don´t like them I can see how everything else would fall flat for you.

        Guess it is just not for you which is fair, in the spirit of hoping to shed some more light in why I like it:

        I really like Inui the main character. I like how he has a sense of duty and his quest to be a person and not a tool, and I think he avoids becoming a generic tough guy, with his balance of strength and weakness, like his aversion to water, hurting himself in order to appear cool in the heat of the moment and then realizing he went too far,and his chemical dependency due to the chronic pain. I also like the contrast of how He can win most figths, but he knows that if he draws too much atention he is done for. I like how evryone who sees him for the first time is freaked out by his appearance, but pretty much everyone who knows him seem to respect him, witch is a subtle way of showing that he worked hard to be accepted.

        Mary is also cool, with how she can keep her good humor and good will even being a doctor in a very poor neighborhood and seeing all kinds of sad stuff daily, and how she relates with the mob that rules the zone she lives in and how sly she can be. I like how when asked she straigth up tells about her brother even though it is still obviously painful (many animes would just forshadow the reason to milk some suspence)

        I can´t say I liked tetsuro much at the beginning but I can understand him, he is a good kid who passed trough some pretty bad stuff and he genuinely grows trough the season, and I do like his interaction with the others even if not him that much.

        The interplay of Innui, Olivier and Kronen is also cool. they all have their personality traits and everything flows naturally from that and the situation they are in without feeling forced.

        Also the opening is absolutely awesome, best of the season to me.

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    • Nice Minky Momo avatar you’ve got. Also, I’ve been putting in a lot of time on the upcoming anime of the decade list, so while I won’t deny those desires exist, they’re not the only reason why I decided to keep things short for the worst of the year list.

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