My Feelings On Nux Taku And His MyAnimeList Brigade

All hail your new anime god! And yes, this thumbnail is from Nux’s Funimation video.

I kind of want to talk about anime Youtube more on this blog since they’re such a big part of anime culture now to the point that they’re getting hired to produce content in Japan, and since Nux is taking advantage of the recent Interspecies Reviewers controversy to “flex” on MyAnimeList, I figured he’s a good place to start.

By the way, if you’re not familiar with the controversy and want to learn about things without getting tangled in anti-progressive/conspiracy bullshit, I highly recommend Noble’s video.

Also, if you want someone more professional, you can watch The Cartoon Cipher’s video on the matter.

So Nux. Some of you may know he was on my favorite Youtuber list for a time and I watched him semi-regularly for a few months up until a certain point where I unsubscribed from him. As an online personality and the troll of “anime Youtube”, I think he’s pretty funny. He’s always so enthusiastic about everything and he gets along really well with other anime Youtubers. It’s fun to follow him on social media and watch him make memes to get people all riled up.

I know him for a lot of things, but the one that stands out to me the most was when he made a joke that Bakugo dies in the Hero Academia manga and a lot of people who only watch the anime actually believed him. As such, Bakugo dying became a meme to use when posting fake spoilers and I thought it was really funny. What stood out to me about that joke was how easily duped people can be on social media to the point that they just trust the someone’s words without actually looking into things. And it’s just the one meme of his that I don’t think has gotten old after a few months. A lot of his other memes like mispronouncing the word “hentai” in order to get past the Youtube copyright bots, his “trending in Japan” jokes he got from Tokyosaurus, and his insistence on saying Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood like a Japanese person got really annoying after a while. The only ones I think have held up over time besides the Bakugo meme is his insistence that Lord Twigo from Seven Deadly Sins is a role model and his constant need to “flex” on people.

And he’s just a funny commenter in general. I love reading his conversations with people, particularly Noble and Heavenly Controller aka the other two anime Youtubers who talk about hentai. I love how whenever people try to cancel him or say they don’t like him in general, he fires back by meme-ing their toxicity. He’s kind of built up this “untouchable aura” where you can criticize him for stuff he legitimately does wrong, but if you go after him for stupid shit, he will win. And I love people who can do that on the Internet. Him keeping his real-life self a secret certainly helps in that regard, especially with that running joke that he’s actually Noble in disguise.

All that said, as much as I love him as online personality, I really cannot watch his videos. I do like some of them obviously, because I was subscribed to him for a time. That one where he ranked the anime Youtubers based on their test is just peak trollish hilarity as well as a great indicator on what makes the dude stand out.

Overall though, Nux’s regular content is just too long and too repetitive for me to sit through. Whenever he stumbles upon a new format or meme to exploit, he will constantly milk it to the point that it feels like I’m just watching the same video with some details changed. He’s been producing a lot more clickbait lately as well, basically making videos about inconsequential things like Pewdiepie not recognizing Jojo memes or Funimation coincidentally making the same type of videos he does. When he does dip his hands into actual anime drama like toxic fanbases and such, it’s kind of amusing to see him laughing at it rather than take it seriously at first, but he never really cites or shows any of the actual drama (probably to avoid controversy) so you have to take his word for it. And while you’ll most likely believe him because it’s hard to not know about stuff like the Smash community hating Byleth’s inclusion, he never really adds anything to the conversation either aside from “let’s laugh at these fools”, which you could have easily just said on Twitter rather than making a whole video about it.

And I cannot sit through his anime analyses at all. Why? Because first off, he only highlights mainstream anime (usually shonen) since that’s where his tastes lie. Second, he never says anything about an anime, or even a cartoon because he’ll do those on occasion, that I don’t already know. Especially if it’s shonen, because I’ve been reading/watching shonen since high school and thus know everything about them. His flex videos are probably what he’s known for, but they’re basically just listing a bunch of “ownages” in anime and describing why they’re “ownages”, which I don’t find interesting. A lot of people seem to love his analyses of characters, but I’ve sampled some of them and never found them to be the least bit interesting or fresh.

Also, I just hate how he’s been favoring the Youtube algorithm a lot in the last two years, mostly because the reason he’s doing so is due to following MatPat’s advice on how to game the system. His thumbnails are obnoxious with all of the annoying text he puts on them and he repeats himself or dances around the subject matter constantly in his videos just so that they can be a decent length that Youtube will favor. I also think his constant sarcasm is grating and not funny at all, but I guess some people like that. The editing in the video can be all over the place sometimes. His video on Interspecies Reviewers in particular, I noticed had a lot of audio hiccups. Maybe the rendering got fucked up or something?

I dunno. Nux is okay, but it’s just not worth sitting through his videos anymore. He’d have to make something really amazing to get me back into him, but I doubt that’s going to happen. Anime Youtube in general has gotten so stale and while Nux has opened the gates on some things like getting other Youtubers to talk about hentai, he seems to have fallen into the same problem I have with a lot of that demographic in that he’s painted himself into a very repetitive formula that I don’t see him breaking out of anytime soon. Especially since his videos get a fuckton of views. He generally gets way more than most other anime Youtubers, including those who are more popular than him.

But I think I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to about Nux. Let’s talk about his recent activity that caused a bunch of his fans to brigade MAL and upvote Interspecies Reviewers to the point that it got ranked as the second best anime in the world according to anyone who for some reason still takes that godawful site seriously. Now the video itself, I don’t think is interesting beyond his call-to-arms because of the audio fuck-ups and the fact that he doesn’t add anything new to the conversation in regards to what’s going on. However, he did succeed in his ultimate goal, and I want to talk about my feelings on that for a bit.

Now while I was in the middle of writing this post, Noble dropped another video on Interspecies Reviewers that talks about Nux’s troll move on the website, and honestly his opinions match mine with the exception that I obviously don’t think the anime is an all-time favorite (or at least not yet), so you can just watch that. If you find his speech cadence too annoying to sit through, especially twice, then let’s just say he compared MAL scores to Wikipedia articles in the video (as in they have some truth, but they’re ultimately not reliable), and that basically sums up why I can’t even pretend to protest Interspecies Reviewers being ranked as a top-tier anime on that site. And as for all the trouble it gives the mods, I couldn’t give a fuck. The only way I’d feel less sympathy for them is if they were exposed as actual criminals.

My feelings on MAL will need its own separate post if I wanted to look at everything I find interesting about the site, but let’s just say that it’s not positive in the least bit. I haven’t gone on that site in years other than when I had to erase my old shit profile and take down some other stuff, and I have no intention of going back. All the outrage that I’m seeing on the Interspecies Reviewers forums is hilarious, even though I agree that everyone involved in actually posting on there is being stupid. I don’t see how Nux’s fanbase can possibly lack the self-awareness to realize that you’re not supposed to actually interact with the haters and just laugh at them from afar.

But ultimately, I don’t see why the backlash against this movement is so strong. There are people saying it’s causing trouble for the mods, but why can’t the mods just ignore the kerfuffle and let Interspecies Reviewers have its time in the sun? I mean they’ve ignored all the downvote bots that have been plaguing the site for years as well as allowing stuff that isn’t actually anime to be spotlighted on their site, but when an ecchi anime gets highly rated by a bunch of legitimate users who are bringing ad revenue and traffic to your site, that’s going too far? Are you going to reject the money that you most certainly got as a result of these activities? If so, then fine. If not, then fuck you.

Also, I notice the mods took two fucking days to do something about the increasing number of incredibly repetitive and unhelpful forum topics on Interspecies Reviewers’ page. If you ask me why I can’t be sympathetic toward their plight, it’s because I can’t get a read on where their priorities lie.

There are reasons to take MAL’s side in this mess, but none of them apply to me or the majority of anime fans whatsoever. Most anime fans, especially new ones, don’t actually use MAL to begin with, mostly relying on what the streaming services like Netflix, KissAnime, or Crunchyroll recommend. And of course, everything is on social media these days, so I don’t know how anyone can possibly say with a straight face that they use MAL to help with recommendations in present time. And everything MAL stands for aside from the ability to customize your own lists and getting a feeling of what’s popular outside of Japan is a goddamn lie.

It doesn’t help with discovering new anime. The reviews are the most unhelpful thing on the planet. People abuse the scoring system like mad to the point that none of the rankings are trustworthy anymore. The hardcore defenders of the site are in the minority and a dying breed on top of that. And most importantly of all, the website looks incredibly outdated. It doesn’t seem like it’s changed at all since I first discovered it in the mid-00s. So if MAL is going to continue being a relic who’s so out of touch with reality to the point that they’re punishing people who are ultimately giving you more traffic and money, then I’m just going to do nothing but make fun of it.

In short, I’m silently behind Nux’s movement 100% until the score inevitably drops back to normal (although I hope it doesn’t) and the reactions to this mess run their course. Obviously, I’m not going to rank the show myself or ever login to MAL again, but I don’t have to because others will do it for me. And no, I’m not for Nux’s fanbase participating in trolling and downvoting other anime on the site, but until MyAnimeList actually becomes good and I become popular to the point that people will actually listen to me, I have no intention of preventing people from having their fun. Besides, it’ll die out eventually and we’ll move on to something new. Because ultimately, these troll/meme movements are the equivalent of online dating. It can turn into something long-lasting, but most of the time, you’ll have 1-2 short encounters, get bored, and then never think about the subject again for the rest of your life.

We’ll still remember the experience and use it to hopefully further improve our lives though. Like, for example, never using MAL again. That’d be a good start.

2 responses to “My Feelings On Nux Taku And His MyAnimeList Brigade

    • I don’t use anything anymore because I know what I’ve watched and the streaming sites I’m subscribed to inform me of what episodes I’ve seen, although sometimes they’re broken af. Also, I prefer Kitsu over MAL.

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