Why Does The Crunchyroll Awards Even Exist At This Point?

Less-rigged awards. Still boring as fuck awards show.

Apparently people still care about the Anime Awards to this day, because there were around 50,000-60,000 people watching the thing on Youtube or Twitch, and there probably have been even more watching on the company’s official site. That’s not a huge portion of the anime fandom by a long shot, but good luck getting that many people to watch a livestream in the first place unless your name is xQc. Yeah it didn’t help that I contributed to the view count, but I was originally going to be participating in an online watch party that ended up never happening, so I just said fuck it. Plus, I can give a fair judgment of the awards show having watched the entire hour of it, and my judgment is that it’s still goddamn awful.

I will say that this time, no awards were rushed. With the exception of “anime of the year”, each award got the same thirty seconds of build-up and announcement time. And the awards themselves were fine. Nice variation among the choices with no show dominating over the other. Some of the trailers looked cool, though Tokyo Revengers looked absolutely awful with how little animation was actually shown.

But while the actual award content was fine this year, the presentation that justifies being an awards show instead of just a series of tweets is still dogshit. I’ll give the whole “fan montage” bit a pass since I don’t want to piss on something the fans were happy to be a part of. However, the animations and skits were still as cringe as always, and there just wasn’t anything about this awards show that stood out when you get down to it. You know what we call people who don’t stand out in real life? Boring. And unfortunately, that’s true for everything else in life, including awards shows.

I guess being inoffensive is better than being widely hated, especially on streaming platforms since hate tends to only give you temporary popularity before blacklisting you from future endeavors. That said, what is the fucking point of these awards other than for smug people on the Internet to start unnecessary dipshit flame wars about how Demon Slayer is inferior compared to Jujutsu Kaisen or how Re: Zero should have been anime of the year? It’s not boosting the popularity of any of the nominees (although if the Villainess show did get a big boost from Catarina winning best protagonist, feel free to point that out to me). There’s no physical awards. The industry people that were a part of the show just said what they always say in interviews. The show itself still isn’t fun to actually watch.

I think the most this year’s awards show accomplished was getting Jujutsu Kaisen to trend even higher on Twitter, but it didn’t boost the popularity in any significant way. I’m not seeing the explosion that Boruto had when it decided to kill off a major character in the manga (for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, all I can say is research that at your own risk), let alone what Demon Slayer went through. And Jujutsu Kaisen winning anime of the year isn’t the least bit surprising given how it’s the most popular anime of 2020. That didn’t guarantee it would win, but it just wasn’t surprising when it did.

I have to ask the people who are happy with this outcome: what does that award prove other than both the critics and audiences like the show? That popular shonen with big production is the go-to anime for most people? That Shonen Jump will always be the most popular thing in anime fandom? That the God of Highschool team are basically apologizing for that crappy anime adaptation with this better alternative? Next you’re going to tell me that living in Texas during that cold winter snap we recently had sucks balls. Or that Ted Cruz is a dick.

Yeah I agree that Nasa and Tsukasa were best couple. I’m glad that Chizuru lost the best girl category to Kaguya. But what good is a fucking awards show if the only positive thing that happens from it is that you agree with some awards you don’t even really care about because all you can say is “yeah I agree with that”? Don’t these farces exist because they want to celebrate anime? How does having all the popular series with the occasional dark horse competing with each other in a democratic process that doesn’t actually increase the viewership by a significant amount celebrate anime? And when you try to promote certain shows, all the fandom does is spam Jojo in the chat because they were expecting another adaptation to be announced?

And before people ask me what my ideal anime awards show would be like, I’m just going to say right now that that’s not my problem. I’m not a big event organizer and frankly it’s not my job to make decisions like that. All I know is that I watched the entire hour of that Crunchyroll Awards show and it wasn’t the least bit entertaining, nor do I actually care about any of these awards because all they do is just reaffirm opinions, and weakly at that. Jujutsu Kaisen already got a huge boost in manga sales due to the anime’s popularity and has sold tens of thousands of blu-rays. That in itself is more of an award decided by the fans than what Crunchyroll and its audience got together for.

But if you pressed me for a good example, I’d say something along the lines of an Anime Rewind that’s in the style of Pewdiepie’s Meme Rewind videos would have been nice. Or Mr. Beast’s recent Rewind video would have been acceptable. Yeah I know the latter Rewind was also mostly just an acknowledgement of what happened in certain niches of entertainment Youtube, but at least it had energy to it (I still loved it at least). Just ditch the whole democratic process entirely (well you’ll probably still need it to decide what anime actually deserves to be in the Rewind) and showcase all of the highlights from these nominations.

Well that’s all I’ve got to say regarding why these Crunchyroll Anime Awards shows suck. Feel free to add your own thoughts below while I take another nap.

2 responses to “Why Does The Crunchyroll Awards Even Exist At This Point?

  1. Given how little anime I watched last year, I didn’t actually look at the nominees or check the results this year. What that means for me is that even when looking for recommendations of what to catch up on from a year I would rely on twitter followers comments before nominated anime in this awards show. Which more or less makes it clear t o me that even if I had watched the anime I just don’t care about these awards despite the push Crunchyroll has been doing to try to make them seem relevant.

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