Bringing The “Favorite Anime” List Back

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Honestly questioning why I haven’t added this anime on a lot sooner as well.

For anyone paying attention to my blog header, I’ve brought back the “favorite anime” list. After months of thinking over how much I actually like anime these days considering I haven’t watched a lot of it in recent times combined with the meta of how anime is perceived now, the project has returned and…not a lot has changed honestly. There’s a few new additions and I took Guilty Crown off of the list because I can’t say what I like about the show has held up to the point that I’d jump on rewatching it anymore. But otherwise, most of what you see on that list is going to look familiar. 

Eden of the East still stays strong after twelve years. Concrete Revolutio’s second season may have been messy, but that first season is still close to perfection in my eyes. And I added Vivy onto the list because the time I spent thinking about the show since the initial review has really improved it in my eyes. There are some old favorites that are not on the list that I feel like could make a comeback if I ever got to seeing them again like Monster, Planetes, Texhnolyze, and Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, especially with my current mindset. However, I’m not really interested in seeing if that’s true or not at the moment, so they’re just going to have to stay off for now.

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One noticeable absence you’ll see if you look at my current favorite anime list is the lack of movies. I decided to remove them because apparently they don’t count whenever you mention what your favorite anime is. Also, if I included them, they would double the list’s size, and part of the reason why I initially removed said list from the blog in the first place is because I hated how long it was getting. I don’t enjoy having too many things on a favorite list because you lose any sense of identity if you just enjoy everything rather than just enjoying specific things. But at the same time, I hate putting limits on the number of things I can put on a favorite list because why shouldn’t I say I love them all?

At the same time though, should movies and series really be grouped together? It’d be weird to see a favorites list where The Shawshank Redemption was sharing a place with The Sopranos. You definitely wouldn’t group Korean films and Korean TV dramas together. And yet there was a time when didn’t have too much of a problem grouping anime films and TV shows together on those kinds of lists. I’m not sure if we find that weird now because I stopped paying attention to that meta long ago, and every time I do see it, the list would always only includes series. So I think for simplicity’s sake, it’s better to just remove movies from the list entirely and make a separate section for them if I feel so inclined to.

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Other than the movie exclusion though, my favorites list is back without much changing in the way of how it works. I have to want to rewatch the show for it to be something I consider a favorite. And not just something I wouldn’t mind rewatching. Something I actively want to rewatch on my own time. No descriptions because I can’t be assed. It’ll be continually updated over time with some additions and maybe some stuff removed if I don’t feel like it holds up anymore. Don’t expect a big shonen or isekai to ever get true love from me. If I didn’t put something highly acclaimed on the list like say, Steins;Gate or Vinland Saga, I either haven’t watched it, it’s not my cup of tea, or I just like it.

Finally I will not accept recommendations because I prefer to watch and discover anime on my own terms. Anime is more of a side thing I fit in-between playing Dark Souls and watching the newest season of Succession these days, even if it’s still a large part of my identity. It doesn’t help that there’s practically no anime you can recommend that I haven’t at least heard of at this point in time. And if I haven’t heard of it, chances are good that it hasn’t held up in the two weeks since it ended.

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