Top List Review: Anime Corner Week 7

No prize for guessing what got first place this week.


The most popular shows of the season make it into the top three with Loving Yamada barely missing out. Oshi no Ko being at the top is obvious given how much the latest episode trended with Akane’s breakdown being said to rival the show’s stellar premiere. I’m a bit surprised that people didn’t like Genya’s backstory episode more given that it really did a great job at setting him up as Tanjiro’s opposite and re-contextualized some previous story moments like why Sanemi was insistent on killing Nezuko when we first met him. Seriously, that much under Hell’s Paradise?

Hell’s Paradise had a decent transition episode this week regarding who the Tensura are, exposition on the island in general, some minor fight scenes, and Yuzuriha putting cum on her body for an (off-screen) beatdown. But it was still a transition episode at the end of the day. Okay the animation was better and I’m fully aware that the setting is the main draw along with the protagonists being criminals, but Anime Corner voters really liked it that much? It was Sagiri, Gabimaru, and Yuzuriha getting into the onsen that sold the episode, wasn’t it?

Dangers in My Heart must be really improving to get that high on the top list. Granted, Vinland Saga was a bit slow with its latest episode, mostly just showing Ketil being a dick, Thorgill being stupid, and the named characters on Ketil’s side showing some brains. I’ve been watching Warrior lately (if you don’t know that series, it’s a martial arts Western on HBO Max. Pretty good too) and I really think Ketil should have been characterized more like Bill from that show if it wanted me to give a rat’s ass about him. Someone who gets fucking haunted for his actions when they start going too far basically. Because as he is now, I just can’t wait for Canute to slaughter him.

Heavenly Delusion rising in the ranks again makes some sense given that it’s mostly stopped being episodic this week. I’m aware at this point that this show is more like Kino’s Journey or Girls’ Last Tour rather than something with a true end goal, but the problem with the episodics has mostly been that they just raise a ton of questions that I know will never be answered rather than making some stories that can stand on their own. Latest episode didn’t exactly fix that, but the intense action scene and the introduction to the doctor, who will be staying for a few weeks, was somewhat engaging.

Kubo coming back after its hiatus. You love to see it Kubo fans. I don’t watch that show so I have no opinion on it.

Mashle is back on the charts. Which is deserved because the animation and humor was much better with this episode. I know it’s repetitive to see Mash constantly beat down these jackass wizards, but I still find it funny personally.

Blue Orchestra is doing a surprising job at nearly making it into the top ten. I’m surprised it’s ranking over Skip & Loafer on this site, but then again I’m surprised that Skip & Loafer isn’t making it onto the top ten general given that I hear it’s the best of the romance shows. Maybe the latest episodes weren’t all that great, but overall the series is still amazing?

Glad to see Dr. Stone has not been making it back onto the charts after the latest episode tried to raise the stakes in a predictably anti-climactic fashion. Literally no one believes that any of the cast is going to die from a stone beam that clearly exists just to cut the character number down so we don’t get overburdened while introducing new characters. I personally think they should have just left some of the old cast back on the island if they had to do that. And of course, the seriousness of the situation is betrayed by Dr. Stone’s failed attempts at humor combined with its mediocre animation. This is why your show isn’t popular anymore Senku. How am I supposed to care about the mysteries of the island if you constantly phone in your efforts to explore it?

Edit: I’ve been reminded that the cutoff date is Thursday, and thus the newest episode of Dr. Stone won’t be counted until next week. Last week’s episode was boring as sin too, so whatever. Keep getting mixed messages regarding the timing. I’ll just look it up next chart.

Kamikatsu is out of the charts. Apparently it was really horny this week. Maybe not shit-posty enough. I dunno.

Interesting list all around. Here’s hoping next week has more surprises.

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