Top List Review: Anime Trending Week 6

Did anything change this week? Anything?


With Gundam being absent from the list, everything rose a spot from last week. Otherwise, the only thing to make note of is that Yamada-kun 999 rose a few places after dropping severely with the last episode. And I should clarify that the episode ranking on this chart is the one where Akane’s ex came back because Yamada-kun is a Saturday show and the polls close on Saturday. Meaning that those “emotional” episodes of Heavenly Delusion and Hell’s Paradise aren’t factored into this ranking.

Birdie Wing is on the chart for the first time. Yay I guess for the small fandom of that series? Oh and Vinland Saga S2 got an honorary tenth place, so it actually dropped from last week. Again, I think the recent episode was weaker than the others, so no surprise there.

Since there’s nothing all that interesting about the top ten, let’s talk about what didn’t make it on. I can’t link Trending the way I can Corner because they use the same link for all their most recent charts, but if you look at their actual website for this specific week, you’ll notice that Konosuba, Ancient Magus Bride, and Dr. Stone has severely dropped over the weeks. It is laughable to me that people keep talking about Demon Slayer falling off while completely ignoring the shows that can’t even make it into the top ten.

Granted, Konosuba has an excuse. It’s a spin-off you don’t have to watch. Same with Ranking of Kings. But Dr. StoneAncient Magus Bride? Those are proper sequels and they are literally losing people’s attention to the point people prefer to watch Mashle.

Again, kind of boring list because it’s mostly just the same anime with mostly the same order too. Maybe Heavenly Delusion will rank in first place next week just to shake things up given how much people loved its most recent episode about as much as that “one” episode of Violet Evergarden. You know the one if you’ve watched that show.

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