About Mr. Flawfinder

My name is Mr. Flawfinder. I used to review anime on this blog. Now I just do whatever I want on here.

Email: mrflawfinder@gmail.com

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28 responses to “About Mr. Flawfinder

  1. I didn’t peg you the type to be into such a series like Sister Princess but it does have a classic dub if anything else you should enjoy the dub!

    Good luck swimming in the incest sea!

  2. Bryce Papenbrook was cast as Rin in the Blue Exorcist dub dimwit!That role alone washes the horrid taste of the green green dub out of Bryce’s mouth!
    Get the hell updated with fucking program! Seriously you should know this shit!

  3. Would you say that your blog has a wide following? How do you plan to extend your blog to less known viewers who may enjoy your content outside your anime blog circles?

  4. any idea wat would be a good watch in terms of mystery and crime solving genre..and no monster isnt what i am looking for..majorly dragged anime.

  5. I remember seeing a comment where someone asked you why you hated everything he/she liked and you told that person to give you examples. My five “favorite” anime are (in order) Nagi no Asukara, Fate/Zero, Little Busters! Refrain, Code Geass, Hanasaku Iroha. I’m pretty sure you highly dislike numbers one, three and five, and that’s mostly what I’m into. So, Mr. Flawfinder, why do you dislike a lot of the stuff I love?

    • Sorry, but I don’t put blogs on my blogroll willy-nilly. There are tons of interesting anime blogs out there that I don’t promote b/c I’m mostly a shut-in who barely even reads the ones I do.

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