I’d Love to Host An “Anime That Everyone Disagrees With” Panel

I’ve seen some Twitter talk regarding anibloggers hosting their own panels at anime conventions for a while and it got me thinking what I would like to discuss if I ever got to partake in the activity. There’s a few subjects that interest me that I don’t write about on my blog because words can’t really express them properly. Stuff like starting an anime blog and how to be popular. Thoughts regarding what anime are essential viewing. Who would win in a “battle of the awesome” between Kamina from TTGL and Mako from KLK? Honestly, if the opportunity comes for me to host that kind of stuff, I’ll be all over it.


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Pre-Judging of The Spring 2014 Anime Season

Welp, after sampling the Spring season, how does it hold up? Okay, Mushishi and Jojo automatically make a new season awesome all on their own, and I’m lucky that two of my favorite shows are getting new iterations at the same time. But I don’t really get into that sort of “non-lazy hype” anymore. I want to be genuinely entertained by something new. Something I didn’t expect. Something like…well…like Mushishi and Jojo were when I first saw them.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 7.47.18 PM

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Throw Away the Realism and Embrace the Absurd In Sports Anime


I only made it about two minutes into Haikyuu and Baby Steps before I had to stop watching them. I don’t care if I missed out on the “great KyoAni-like except much better” animation that the Cuticle Detective Inaba director somehow gained or some sweet romance story or whatever shitty thing happened in that sumo show. Realistic sports anime that are actually “not realistic in the slightest because of poorly integrated anime-isms” bore me. They always have bored me. They always will bore me. Continue reading