My Favorite Anime

This isn’t a list of all the anime I like. This is a list of anime I like the most.

–Aoi Bungaku
–Cat Soup
–Cowboy Bebop
–Eden of the East

–Great Teacher Onizuka
–Guilty Crown

–Haibane Renmei
–In This Corner of the World

–Kids on the Slope
–Mind Game 
–Mouryou no Hako 
–Natsuyuki Rendezvous
–Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind
–Ping Pong: The Animation 
–Princess Mononoke
–Ride Your Wave
–Scum’s Wish 

–Serial Experiments Lain
–Spirited Away
–The Tatami Galaxy 

–Terror in Resonance
–Weathering With You

–Whisper of the Heart
–The Wind Rises

Latest List Update: 3/12/21

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