Anime Blogs:

Anime Maru
Crow’s World of Anime
Drunken Anime Blog
Moe Sucks

Some Cool Youtube Channels:

Bijuu Mike
Jaiden Animations
Kagato The Final Boss
Lost Pause
Scott The Woz

Twitch Channels:

Maximilian Dood
Projekt Melody

13 responses to “Blogroll

  1. I’ll take it you’re not the biggest fan of Eureka Seven, haha. Thanks for adding me, I’ll be taking a better look around when I’ve freed up some time. =)

    • Nope. 🙂

      It’s not like I dislike the franchise, but I have to watch E7 dubbed just to get thru it, and even I think it’s just alright. Regarding Ao, I liked the first half a lot, but the second half went too bonkers for me to enjoy it fully, despite my many attempts to believe in it.

      • You can like what you like. =) For me, E7 is a personal thing; the themes inspired me when I was borderline suicidal as a young teen. I can find all sorts of things to love about it because of that, though I by no means consider it the best anime ever made. It’s highly flawed, though I’ve always believed that finding flaws in something doesn’t mean you hate it. AO is something I liked because of my attachment to the original and because I like Ao as a character.

    • It’s not like my favorite anime aren’t heavily flawed, so I don’t mind people liking stuff I don’t enjoy. Personally though, I liked AO because it didn’t have much to do with the original. Unfortunately, it went in a direction I didn’t care for in the end.

      • Same, it’s all in personal preference and experience. That’s interesting considering most people hated AO for that very reason. I actually feel about NGE more or less how I think you feel about E7, though I do understand why that’s praised so highly. My best friend is about as obsessed with NGE as I am with E7, so we have some great debates.

    • I don’t do link exchanges (although I guess technically your link is on this comment). I only put something on here when I feel it’s good enough for personal promotion.

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